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Staying on Track

Stage 1

If you’re not meeting your academic progression requirements, your faculty will email you a notification that you’ve been placed on the academic progression register and why.

This notification will recommend that you:

You may also need to meet with an academic adviser.

Staying on Track questionnaire

The reflective questionnaire will help you identify what may be affecting your academic progression. Common reasons include study load, time management or procrastination, not enjoying your studies, home life, health, work and finances.

Based on your responses to the questionnaire, you will receive a webpage of relevant tips, advice and support services, such as Counselling and Psychological Services and the Learning Hub (Academic Language and Learning), that can help you address the issues you identified. This is your guide to Staying on Track and you can refer back to it at any time during your studies, simply login with your UniKey and password.

Access the Staying on Track self-reflective questionnaire online. Log in with your UniKey and password.

The University has a number of support services (pdf, 194KB) available to you to assist with challenges you may face.

Information sessions

Staying on Track information sessions will inform you about what it means to be at a particular stage and provide information about the support services available to help. During the session you will be encouraged to start developing an action plan for you to follow to get your studies back on track.

You can register to attend an information session online. Use your University student email to register.

Stage 1 undergraduate and postgraduate students 

To arrange an appointment with an academic advisor, you'll need to send an email from your University email account, to and include:

  • your Student ID
  • three times that you will be available between Monday and Thursday each week.

You'll need to bring your completed Stage 1 self-reflective survey with you on the day of your consultation. If you fail to do this within the timeframe it will be noted on your progression profile.

Undergraduate students

If you are on Stage 1 and 2 of progression, it is a requirement that you meet with an Academic Advisor from your school within the Faculty. Advisors can discuss a range of different topics including:

  • improving academic performance
  • setting study goals
  • the support resources available to you within the Faculty and University. 

To arrange an appointment with a FASS Academic Advisor, complete the online form.

Postgraduate students

If you are on Stage 1 progression, you should meet with your Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator.

To arrange an appointment, send an email outlining who you are, what you study and what you would like to discuss in relation to Stage 1 progression.

A list of FASS Postgraduate Coursework Coordinators can be found in Canvas.

If you have further questions, contact

Student Retention Coordinator

  • Level 5, Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus
Last updated: 22 June 2021

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