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New fee and completion rate requirements for course transfers

The Australian Government’s Job-ready Graduates Package commenced on 1 January 2021.

As a result, the cost of study has increased in some disciplines and decreased in others, compared to 2020 levels. In addition to the significant changes to tuition fee rates, the Job-ready Graduates Package has also introduced new completion rate requirements which will take effect from 2022.

The new completion rate requirements will apply if you:

  • enrol in a new award course on or after 1 January 2022 and
  • are enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) and/or
  • defer part or all of your student contribution to HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP.

Under the new completion rate requirements, if you receive Commonwealth assistance (studying in a CSP or getting HELP loans for your study) you must pass at least half (50%) of the units of study you take, once you commence your enrolment.

Students who do not maintain this unit of study completion rate are at risk of losing their eligibility for Commonwealth assistance. However, students who lose eligibility for Commonwealth assistance may still be permitted to continue their enrolment in their award course subject to paying the full tuition fees for each unit of study enrolled.

If you are a domestic student in a CSP and you are seeking an internal course transfer (including course upgrades and downgrades), please be aware that this transfer will be treated as a new course enrolment. This means you will be charged the new Job-ready Graduates Package fee rates for units in your new degree. As you will be commencing in 2022, the new completion rate requirements will also apply to you.

Please carefully consider the implications of the tuition fee changes and completion rate requirements made under the Job-ready Graduates Package before taking any action.

Further information on the Job-ready Graduates Package can be found at Study Assist.

If you are considering applying for a course transfer because you have concerns about your academic progress, please see our academic progression support page.