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Study abroad in Sydney

Every year, we welcome hundreds of students from around the world through our study abroad and exchange and short-term programs. Once you’re here, there are certain things you need to know about managing your studies.

This information is for students who have come to the University of Sydney to study. If you're a current student at the University and would like to study overseas, visit our Study abroad and exchange page.

Changing your units of study

When you accepted your offer to study with us, you selected your preferred units of study up to a full-time load of 24 credit points (12 credit points for short-term sessions).

If you change your mind and would like to take units of study not listed in your application, you have until the end of Week 1 of semester to change your enrolment. For summer and winter short-term sessions, the last day to add or withdraw from units of study will vary for each unit of study.

To do this, you need to complete the Unit of study enrolment form (pdf, 193KB) and send it to your Sydney Abroad adviser, indicating your preferred changes. Your adviser will then seek approval on your behalf and enrol you accordingly.


You have the opportunity to apply for an internship, in unit ARTS2600, during your program in Sydney.

You will be enrolled in four units of study until your internship is confirmed by the internships coordinator. Once confirmed, your Sydney Abroad adviser will help you change your enrolment to add ARTS2600. This is an optional unit of study and subject to placement availability.

This unit is also available for local students undertaking an approved overseas internship during university break.

Results and transcripts

Once results are released, your Sydney Abroad adviser will send two copies of your official transcript to either your home institution/program provider or to you directly. If your program finishes in Semester 1, your transcripts will be sent by August. If you finish in Semester 2, your transcripts will be sent by January. If you’re in a short-term program, your transcripts will be sent by September.

Find out how to order additional copies of your transcript.

Continuing on to second semester

If you are continuing on to a second semester, your Sydney Abroad adviser will email you to prompt you to complete an enrolment variation form before the start of your second semester. You need to provide your preferred units of study, up to a full-time load of 24 credit points (usually four units of study).

Learning agreements and other forms

If you need your adviser to sign your home institution learning agreement or any other official form, please visit a Sydney Abroad peer adviser in the Student Centre. You can leave your printed learning agreement with the peer adviser who will let you know when it has been signed and can be collected.

Request to change your units of study

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