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What is Sydbot

Sydbot is a chatbot that lives on the bottom right corner of the current student website and helps you find information on the site. Asking it a question is a fast and easy way to find an answer your looking for. If your issue is more complex, Sydbot will help you get in touch with the Student Centre to ensure your query is resolved.

Sydbot will learn and become more intelligent as people ask it questions, so don’t be put off if initially you don’t quite get the response you’re after.

To get started, simply click the speech bubble on the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Get the most out of SydBot

Ask questions

SydBot is designed to respond to questions, not just keywords. 

Look at the popular questions

The most popular questions on the homepage is a list of the most commonly asked questions in the last 24 hours. Check what is under that heading because other students may be having the same issues as you.