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Undergraduate events

Join us at one of our upcoming events
We host a number of events to help you discover what it's like to study a bachelor's degree here. Our events are best suited for students from Years 10-12, and include tips on your school subjects, preparing for uni and how to choose a course.

Open Day

Sat 27 Aug, 9am - 3pm

Open Day is your chance to see everything Sydney has to offer. At Open Day you can speak with course advisers about your future studies, attend mini lectures, join a campus tour, participate in hands-on activities, watch student performances, and much more. Register today and build your personal timetable.

Upcoming events

Join us at an upcoming on-campus, regional or online event to get a taste of what it’s like to study at Sydney. Browse our webinars by area of interest below.

Indigenous Entry Pathways Information Webinar

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Want to know more about our Gadigal Program and extended bachelor’s degrees? Find out at our Indigenous Entry Pathways Information Webinar. Hear from a current Gadigal student, get tips and tricks for filling out your personal statement and get your questions answered about our pathways. Thu 4 August 5 – 6 pm
Register now

E12 Early Offer and Scholarship Scheme Statement Writing Workshop

Description Date Time Register

Join us for the E12 Early Offer and Scholarship Scheme Statement Writing Workshop to find out more about the scheme application process and how E12 can make your pathway to university easier and reduce the financial burden on your first-year studies. You’ll also take part in an interactive workshop to help you write your E12 supporting statement.

Tue 9 August 6 - 7 pm AEST Register now

Webinars (Term 3)

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Studying Languages and Cultures at Sydney: How, why and where it can take you

So you’re thinking about studying languages and culture at university. Great! In this webinar, we’ll take you through how you can study languages and culture with us, and how it can benefit you. We’ll cover a range of options, from specialising in multiple languages to incorporating language study into a non-language specialist degree.

You can also find out about our intensive in-country study units, where you can gain credits toward your degree with a two-week language and culture immersion experience overseas. We’ll also wrap up with some stories about our recent alumni, so you can see first-hand how study of languages and cultures can open doors to exciting global careers.

Wed 3 Aug 4-4:30 pm  AEST Register now
Investigating Pompeii and Ancient Societies: How Archaeology, Ancient History and Science converge

Find out how the Pompei cast project provides new insights into the social lives of people who lived under the shadow of Mt Vesuvius.

Our archaeologist will also investigate other ancient civilisations using 3D imaging and analytical technologies to reveal the secrets of ancient lifestyles and cultures. Year 11 and 12 students will gain insights into how the arts and sciences work together in contemporary careers.

Wed 10 Aug 4-4:30 pm  AEST Register now
Pathways to Global Literacy About you: you’re keen to learn how the world works from a social and cultural perspective, and you want to open doors to global career opportunities. 

You’re studying Society and Culture, or History, or a Language at school, and wondering how you can build on this at uni. You’re interested in a particular part of the world that resonates with you. Sounds like a match? If so, Area Studies may be for you. Area Studies combines different perspectives to focus on one particular region, such as Asia, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East, in its own terms. Area Studies allows you to study past and present society and culture in these regions. This webinar will provide an overview of Area Studies and its benefits, and will introduce a sample of our many Area Studies offerings.  
Wed, 24 Aug 4-4:30 pm  AEST Register now
ARTiculate French Continuers and Extension – La Francophonie

Join us in this free interactive webinar designed around the “French-speaking communities” theme of the French Continuers Stage 6 syllabus. Explore the meaning of the French-speaking world, its origins manifestation in different continents and legacy in contemporary France.

Presented by Dr Carolyn Stott, the webinar will be delivered in French, and students will be invited to engage in activities.

Wed, 14 September 4-5pm AEST Register now
ARTiculate Social Media - Beyond panics towards connection, ethics and digital citizenship

Explore the diverse ways that young people use social media for connection, self-expression, and identity construction. The webinar will discuss how we can ensure that young people can make the most of what social media has to offer, the various ethical issues that arise in online spaces, and what it means to be a good digital citizen.

Recommended for Year 9-10 students undertaking Digital Technologies and any Stage 5-6 students interested in increasing their understanding of digital safety and wellbeing.

Wed, 19 October 11:30am-12:30pm AEST Register now

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Engineering – Industry Engagement

Industry engagement. Professional engagement program (PEP). ESIPS scholarship. Why USYD and what makes us apart from others. Presented by Mr Anthony Kadi (Director of industry engagement).

Wed 31 Aug 4-4:30 pm  AEST Register now

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Life of Biologist

Have you wondered what a day in the life of a biologist is like? Join award-winning biologist, Associate Professor Andrew Holmes, to find out what an average day of work might be like in the field of biology.

Join Andrew in exploring the fascinating world of microorganisms – the most abundant and the most diverse group of organisms on Earth. They are also the most poorly known. As such the microbiota represent the largest unexplored biological resource on Earth.

Wed 17 Aug 4-4:30 pm  AEST Register now
Life of a Mathematician

Have you wondered what a day in the life of a mathematician is like? And what jobs are available in this growing sector? Join award-winning mathematician, Professor Mary Myerscough, to find out what an average day of work might be like in the field of mathematics.

In this session you will learn about the exciting work being done by mathematicians, from creating mathematical models to map how healthy cells become cancer cells, to how social insects organise their societies.

Wed 31 Aug 5-5:30 pm  AEST Register now

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