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Admission pathways

There is more than one pathway into the University
We believe that you are more than your ATAR. If your studies have been impacted by commitments or circumstances beyond your control, you can access support or adjustment factors through our admission schemes.

Get ready to apply

If you are in your final year or considering applying for university next year, it is time to check your eligibility for some of our admission pathways. This way, you are prepared when the University Admissions Centre (UAC) applications open.

Broadway Scheme

The Broadway Scheme is our Educational Access Scheme (EAS) for students whose schooling has been impacted during year 11 and/or 12. You may be eligible for up to ten adjustment factors depending on your course.

Eligibility Open date Close date
  • Domestic high school students
  • Experienced long-term educational disruption eg disrupted schooling, financial hardship, illness, refugee status, English language difficulty and excessive home responsibilities.
1 April 2020 30 September 2020
How to apply?
  • Submit an EAS application with your UAC application.
  • Submit supporting documents demonstrating how your performance in year 11 and 12 was disrupted.

Note: Medicine double degrees are not eligible through this scheme.

Elite Athletes and Performers Scheme

This scheme is for elite athletes or performers whose rehearsal, training and/or competitive commitments have substantially impacted their school results.

Eligibility Open date Close date
  • Domestic high school student
  • Athletes and performers at state or national level
  • ATAR (or IB) of up to 5 points below the guaranteed ATAR
August 2020 31 October 2020
How to apply?
Elite Athlete Program

The Elite Athlete Program run by Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness can provide support throughout your degree if your commitments continue.

The Early Offer Year 12 (E12) Scheme is available to domestic NSW students who have experienced financial disruption during their time at school and have demonstrated the potential to succeed at the University.

Gadigal Program

The Gadigal Program assists you with admission to university by allowing you to tell us more about your interests, motivation and goals, rather than just considering your academic results.


  • Lower minimum ATAR requirements.
  • Opportunity to apply for a Gadigal early conditional offer.
  • Participation in an intensive two-week academic skills program before commencing at the University.
  • Access to ongoing academic and personal support throughout your degree.
Eligibility Open date Close date
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Year 12, post-high school students and mature-age (over 21 at 1 March of the year you would commence study)
5 June 2020 31 January 2021
How do I apply?
  • Apply through UAC and list a University of Sydney course as one of your preferences.
  • Complete the additional Gadigal Program application form within UAC.

Mathematics course prerequisites apply to students applying through the Gadigal Program. If you do not achieve a Band 4 in Mathematics Advanced, you may be admitted if you demonstrate the capacity to succeed in coursework at a university level, and successfully complete an approved mathematics prerequisite course in your first year of study or where required, in a subsequent attempt.

Your application will be assessed and, if eligible, you will be invited to sit an assessment. Your application will be based on your:

  • assessment result
  • educational background
  • work and life experiences
  • motivation and goals and interest in the course(s) selected.
Mature-age Entry Scheme

Each year the University provides undergraduate places for domestic mature-age entrants.

Eligibility Open date Close date
  • 21 years or older (at 1 March of the year you would commence study)
  • Do not have high school results to gain entry
  • Have not completed a full year at a tertiary institution
1 April 2020 31 January 2021

How to apply?

University preparation courses are vital for entry if you’re a mature-age student. By completing the appropriate course and achieving the required results for admission, you will be eligible to apply for mature‑age entry, provided you do not already hold qualifications that entitle you to be considered for standard admission.

Mathematics course prerequisites apply to students applying for admission through this scheme.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mature-age students should refer to the Gadigal Program.

Future Leaders Scheme

This scheme offers students admission to eligible courses in recognition of leadership and academic achievements.

Eligibility Open date Close date
  • School captain or Dux at a high school in Australia
  • Nominated by your school principal while in Year 12 (by the close date)
  • Place an eligible course as your highest UAC preference in the December Round 2 of offers
  • Meet the admission criteria for your selected course
1 August 2020 13 November 2020
How to nominate?
  • Students should speak to their principals early about being nominated.
  • School principals login to the Future Leaders Scheme portal to nominate.
  • Contact to receive a login or for more information.
  • The University will automatically nominate Dux students who have the highest ATAR (or IB) if no nomination is made.

If you are nominated, we will let you know which courses you may be eligible for before you sit your exams.

Note: Medicine double degrees, Sciences Po dual degrees and music degrees are not eligible through this scheme.

Adjustment factors

Other pathways

You can also consider coming to the University of Sydney after commencing tertiary study or after a break from study.

Special Consideration for Admission Scheme 

This scheme is for students who have a record of tertiary study but whose studies were impacted by circumstances beyond their control.

Eligibility Open date Close date
  • Domestic student
  • Started tertiary study
  • Experienced disruption during your secondary of tertiary studies
  • ATAR (or IB) close to required ATAR of your preferred course
20 September 2020 20 December 2020

How to apply?

Our graduate entry courses provide an option to gain a professional qualification in competitive areas such as dentistry, medicine, law, physiotherapy and veterinary medicine, after completing an undergraduate degree.

For example, if you do not receive the ATAR (or IB) for admission to physiotherapy, you can study a Bachelor of Science (Health) and then apply for admission to the Master of Physiotherapy if you achieve the required grades.

Browse our postgraduate courses for specific course details.

International students are required to have a qualification such as a secondary school completion (eg, International Baccalaureate), a diploma, a bridging course or tertiary (college or university) course completion.

Check the recognised qualifications that we accept from countries around the world.

International students can also complete an Australian or New Zealand university foundation program. More than 80 percent of students who complete the University of Sydney Preparation Programs (USPP).

You can complete anguage courses and academic skills programs will help prepare you for university at the Centre for English Teaching.

If you don’t get into the course you want in your first year you may be eligible to reapply after you complete one year of full-time study in a bachelor’s degree at the University of Sydney or another tertiary institution.

If you don't get the required ATAR

If you have not met the guaranteed ATAR, don’t worry – there are other ways to get into the University. You can also use our ATAR search tool to find a course that's right for you.

Follow your interests in a different way. Our shared pool of majors gives you the flexibility to study your desired major in a different course.

Browse all undergraduate majors

Complete the first year of a related course with a lower ATAR then apply to transfer into your preferred course, with your first-year results taken into account.

For some of our courses, you can apply for a graduate entry into postgraduate coursework, such as a master's degree, after you have completed your undergraduate degree.

Browse our postgraduate courses for specific course details.