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How to test drive a uni on Open Day

21 June 2019
There's a lot you can learn about uni on Open Day
Nothing can beat a uni Open Day to gather all you need to know before applying. Here are our top tips to make sure any Open Day is worth the visit.

Walk the walk: leave the car behind

Depending on what your living arrangements may be, why not come to campus exactly as you would if you were a student? Not all universities are great for parking, especially ones in Sydney, and on Open Day we generally recommend leaving the car at home and catching public transport due to the amount of people coming to campus. So why not take the train, catch the bus or cycle in? Granted the timetables may be different on a weekend, but it will give you a good idea of how long your commute may be. We say we're a 10-minute walk from Redfern station - try it out for yourself. 

Set your own agenda 

Do you want to compare one degree over another? Are internships something that are important to you or are campus accommodation options the reason you're visiting? There is so much you can find out on Open Day but it's important to make sure you prioritise what's important to you so you know you'll finish the day getting what you came for - and this may be different to your friend or a classmate. A mini-lecture or an information session is a really good start in building your day because they are a summary of key points and are run at scheduled times. Creating a schedule on our Open Day website or app is an easy way to organise your day to make sure you don't miss out. 

Ask your burning questions

Student receiving advice from staff member at a booth at Open Day

There are so many people on campus at uni open days who are ready to help you with any questions you have, so make sure you ask. One of the biggest pluses is being able to get personalised advice or speak to someone who knows what it's like to be in your shoes. At the University of Sydney Open Day, you can do that by heading to the course advice booths, having a chat to one of our friendly student ambassadors on campus - who may even be leading your campus tour - or meeting some of our current students from our clubs and societies on the front lawns. What if you don't get the ATAR? What does a day at uni look like? Will you be able to get a job? Don't be scared to ask or just have a chat. 

Photo of a mobile phone taking a photo of the Quadrangle

See the campus for yourself

Does the Quad really look like Hogwarts? What's it like inside a lab or uni library? The only way to find out what it's like on campus is to come and see it for yourself, and there is no better day than an Open Day to see a campus at its best. Go for a tour, see where you could be taking your classes, studying between lectures, meeting friends, getting active, or even living. Don't forget to take a moment in between all the excitement to ask - can you see yourself studying here next year or in the future? Take it all in to decide if you want to come back. This is something universities can't give you in the brochure - the vibe on campus and your gut feeling. You can't leave any Open Day without it!

Think outside the square

Uni isn't just what happens inside the classroom, or even just on campus; a world of opportunities await you so make sure you take the time to explore those too! Ask us about study abroad opportunities, interdisciplinary projects, our high achievers' program, and of course ways to make friends on campus and the student experience. Other things to think about are what scholarships opportunities are open for before and once you're studying, as well as the support services available for you once you're a student. If you've finished up for the day, why not head into neighbouring Newtown or Glebe to explore what's on our doorstep. 

And finally, spot the difference

It might be once you set foot on campus, once you've gone home, or even after having gone to a few Open Days. There will be something about each university that sets them apart in your mind and ultimatey helps you decide which one is the right one for you. Gathering all the information you need before the pressure of final exams is a good place to start and think things through. Going to university is a big decision but it's an exciting one. Our advice: don't rush the decision and enjoy the fun that comes with exploring all your options - starting with Open Day!

Open Day has wrapped up for another year but Info Day is a great opportunity to get answers to your questions, from planning your degree to seeking advice on what you can do if you don't get the ATAR. Register your interest for Info Day, Thursday 19 December. 

Facts & figures

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