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8 steps to keep uni friends after semester ends

It's the last week of class, and you're not ready for a tutorial friendship to end. Our top tips will help you make the transition from classmates to real-world friends. 

1. Remember that everyone wants friends

Friends hi-five

One of the best parts of university life is meeting new people and expanding your social circles. Even if your new friend comes with a high school squad, or is super involved in every club or society under the sun, they’re bound to have room for more friends. Keep in mind that the benefits outweigh the risks – the chances of rejection are pretty slim, and this one friend could be your gateway to a dozen more.  The sooner you merge your social circles the easier life becomes.  

2. Celebrate together after your last class or exam

Hot Rod 'Let's celebrate'

Bite the bullet and ask them if they’d like to grab a drink or meal after your last class, or to debrief after the exam. If it’s less intimidating, you could make it an open invitation to everyone in your class. Just remember that people are often in different exam rooms or finish at different times – so if you want a post-exam celebration, it’s best to flag it in your last tutorial. 

3. Plan a group study session

Study party

Caitlin McCarrick Sundial.

Whether you have an exam or a final assignment, group study sessions are a good way to bounce ideas off one another. If you’re an independent learner, a silent group study session can be a good way to stay accountable and off Facebook. Add snacks and it’s almost a party. 

4. Make it Facebook official

Social media icons

If you haven’t already, add them on social media… and actually start a conversation. If you can’t find any relatable memes about the struggles of exams, group work or procrastination, then either you or the internet are doing something seriously wrong. 

5. Find out where they’re from

Map of Sydney

You never know your luck – your classmate might end up living right around the corner from you, resulting in endless easy hangouts or banter about your favourite local haunts. If not, it’s a great opportunity for you to explore new parts of Sydney. 

6. Line up a holiday activity

High school musical 'what time is it? summertime!'

If you’ve already hit upon a common interest, suggest that you catch up and do it sometime in the holidays. Not sure? There’s a pretty good chance they plan on going to the beach, watching a movie or getting brunch at some point these holidays. Lead with “after exams, I can’t wait to…” and if they say “me too” then make it a date. 

7. Look to the future

Looking through a telescope

Ask them what units of study they’re thinking of doing next year, or make a shared New Year’s resolution to join a new club or society. It’ll give you an excuse to check in over the break and kick things off again next semester. 

8. Help them feel at home

Wizard of Oz there's no place like home

If you’re a domestic student, don’t forget that some of our international and exchange students won’t be going home over the break. Invite them to check out your home town or favourite local spot. If you’re an international or exchange student, ask local students for their tips or to show you around.

23 October 2019

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