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30 November 2016

Employability skills: 6 ways to get a job and keep it

These days, more than ever, having a university education isn’t the only thing that’ll land you your dream job. We spoke to employers to get their top tips on the employability skills you should have.

30 September 2016

How to launch a successful startup

As a judge of our Innovation Week Student Challenge, Dr. Jay Spence is helping other young entrepreneurs to get their start. We asked him for his tips on pitching and launching a successful startup.
27 September 2016

Become a graduation expert in 4 easy steps

Graduation is a tradition that goes back centuries, but how much do you really know about this grand event? Why do people wear academic gowns? Why do graduates throw their hats in the air? And what does alumni really mean?
29 September 2016

5 things you learn about yourself at university

Self-reflect and learn about yourself: discover what you’re passionate about, learn how to embrace change and what your best qualities are, and how to let your self-confidence shine through.

13 December 2016

8 things to do in your first year at university

The University of Sydney is a vibrant campus – we asked students on campus to share their tips for the best things to do in your first year of university. This is what they said.

27 October 2016

7 tips to sharpen your mind for exams

University of Sydney alumnus and mental health advocate Dr Benjamin Veness shares his tips on how to avoid stress and practice mindfulness.
31 May 2016

5 things to remember during exam time

Feeling stressed and anxious is completely normal at this point in semester, but it’s crucial to maintain some balance and develop skills so you can do your best.
29 February 2016

It's never too early to plan your career (or find a casual job)

Whether you're starting to think about your future, need a casual job or would like an internship, the Careers Centre is your one-stop shop.
27 March 2019

What is research funding and how does it work?

There are many different types of funding available to you as a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) student, from government stipends to industry grants.
22 March 2019

Students collaborate on industry projects at Cambridge University

Twenty-four undergraduate students travelled to the United Kingdom to create an innovation ecosystem in the complex Cambridge tech-cluster.