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Activities during the break

Preparing for Semester 1
In the weeks leading up to Semester 1, the University is hosting a number of events that will help prepare students for their studies in 2021. Check back regularly to see our list of semester break activities below.

Learning Centre

11 January - 19 February 2021

Academic writing and reading workshops to help you develop specific areas such as critical reading, research writing or essay writing. All workshops will be held online via Zoom. 

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Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 February

Introductory lectures on: writing reports in science and engineering, effective academic reading, lectures and how to use them, grammar, successful essay writing, clearer writing, reports for social sciences, plagiarism and how to avoide it, successful learning and exam preparation, critical thinking skills. 

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Centre for English Teaching

Program starts Tuesday 19 January

Supercharge your English, get to know the University and connect with new friends.

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Program starts Wednesday 20 January

Boost your academic writing skills and build confidence communicating in English.

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