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University Mental Health Day

Join us in the following events and activities on Tuesday 4 May
University Mental Health Day brings together the university community to make mental health a university-wide priority and create ongoing year-round change to the future of student mental health.

What's on for University Mental Health Day

You can join in person, via live stream or watch the recordings whenever suits you.

    Come and attend a discussion about the obstacles we go through in regard to our mental health and wellbeing, led by a provisional psychologist, Miranda Cashin. The session will be livestreamed and recorded. Tuesday 4 May, 10am to 12pm at the Isabel Fidler room. Register now.

Come and grab a flower for yourself, a mate, a significant other, your mum, sister, brother, dad – anyone! And of course, remember to check in with yourself and those around you on Tuesday 4 May.

Join other students and staff as experienced facilitator Dr Ehssan Sakhaee leads an in person mindfulness session to help you regain focus and release stress. 

Tuesday 4 May, 4pm to 5pm. Register now

Level four, Upper Wakil Terrace in the Susan Wakil Health Building.

Access the area from the outside stair case, or through the Western Avenue building entrance. This is an in person session to mark Australia and New Zealand University Mental Health Day for 2021.

Join your peers as experienced facilitators lead you through weekly drop-in sessions to help you regain focus and release stress. Every Monday and Thursday 3pm to 3.30pm, from 8 March to 10 June. Register now

Join a 30 minute fun dance workout at 1pm on Tuesday 4 May, at PNR Laws hosted by Dr Ehssan Sakhaee. 

(You are welcome to do the dance work out and walk with the group to the Susan Wakil Health Building for the Mindfulness for Focus and Stress Release session.)

You can also join via zoom if you are not on campus. Submit your favourite dance tracks for the session.

Learn how to take charge of your mental health by watching this wellness webinar which features Professor Caroline Hunt and a panel made up of the Batyr Student Exec, STAR Student Ambassador and a representative from Allianz Care. Watch the webinar

Listen to Episode 17 of The Library's Peer Pod podcast – this episode brings to you Susanna Scarparo, Pro Vice Chancellor Student Life, updating us on all that the University is designing and redesigning to cater to the mental wellbeing of our student family, and Lachlan, a Sydney Uni student who is part of Batyr, a mental health program designed to help students smash the stigma and spread awareness about mental health.

Many people experience mental ill health at some point in their life or know someone who does.

The University would like to share some people's stories with you, to share the journey.

Listen to Matt, Zimeng, Amy, Joshua, Priya, Lou, Hazel and Adrian's stories.

Know the signs and reach out

Find out more about student-led mental health programs on campus by following @batyrusyd on Instagram.

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