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Study in Australia

Studying in Australia as part of your degree

We are one of Australia’s best universities, with a stunning campus located in the heart of vibrant Sydney city. Come to Australia as part of your degree for a memorable student experience.

Our teachers, researchers and leading thinkers are paving the way for solutions to complex global issues impacting upon our health, environment, technology and culture. You can have great confidence in your study abroad and student exchange experience at the University of Sydney, as you’ll be in the company of great minds, on a beautiful campus, in one of the best cities in the world.

Study abroad and student exchange are the two main program options for students enrolled at international universities and looking to study in Australia as part of their degree.

Student exchange

As an exchange student you remain enrolled full time at your home institution while you attend the University of Sydney. While you are here, you will continue to pay your usual tuition fees and other student fees to your home institution/university.

You can visit our global mobility database to find out if your home institution is one of our exchange partners.

If your home university has a partnership with us, you need to apply to your home institution’s international exchange program.

You will need to be nominated by your home university before applying to the University of Sydney. Once you receive your home university nomination, they will take you through the steps on how to apply.

Study abroad

Study abroad is a separate program from student exchange and involves a student enrolling and paying fees directly to the University of Sydney. There is no reciprocal exchange agreement.

A foreign student would typically choose to complete study abroad over student exchange for the following reasons:

  • your home institution has no reciprocal exchange partner agreement with the University of Sydney
  • your home institution only has a limited number of places available for student exchange, and you have not managed to secure one
  • depending on what country you live in, it may be cheaper for you to come to the University of Sydney on study abroad over student exchange.

If you are interested in studying in Australia on a study abroad program, you should contact your home university to find out what support they offer and if they have an internal application process. You can take a look through this section of our website to learn more about the program. You can also contact with any other questions.