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Australia on a map

Does Scott Morrison "get it"? 

“Donald Trump gets it,” our new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, apparently told The New York Times this week. But what does he get? And do we all get it too? Read Marc Stears' September newsletter discussing Scott Morrison, tax avoidance and the future of democracy. 

Obama at a press conference

Obama tells it as it is

Marc Stears reflects on a speech by Barack Obama on the utter loss of shame among political leaders when it comes to lying to the public. He discusses this in the context of Obama's compelling rhetorical style. Read the edition now

Aerial view of a cirty

Challenging the rise of inequality

Together, over the year ahead, the Lab will be trying to make sense of the politics in Australia, while the world wonders how we can possibly have had five Prime Ministers in as many years. In this edition of the Sydney Policy Lab newsletter, Marc Stears discusses what's in store for the lab. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags in the quad

Power, belonging and equality: the Policy Lab in NAIDOC week

Power, belonging and equality. These are the three priorities of the Sydney Policy Lab, and nowhere is the urgency of each and the irrevocable tie between them more acutely felt than when it comes to the demand of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for substantive constitutional change and structural reform. Read the full post