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'Show up and write'

A SSEAC postgraduate student initiative for HDR students

Need to get writing, but can't find the time or motivation? Join the SSEAC postgraduate community for our weekly 'Show up and write' session.

Who: Postgraduate research students with interests in Southeast Asia
When: 2pm-4pm, every Thursday in S1, starting 28 February
Where: Room 509, Brennan MacCallum

No need to RSVP – just show up! 

Add this weekly event to your calendar.

Are you desperately trying to finish – or get started on– your thesis, but just can’t seem to commit? Are you motivated by the sound of other students pounding their keyboards? Could it be that writing needs to be a social, rather than a solitary, activity in order for you to be fully productive?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not join other postgraduates from the SSEAC community in our new weekly ‘Show Up And Write’ session! We have booked a quiet room with no distractions, where you can sit in quiet community with other research students for four x 25 minute pomodoro sessions. In between sessions, we will break for conversation, caffeine and calisthenics.

There are just two rules: you must be silent while everyone else is, and you must write (but not emails). Bring your laptop or pen and paper, and see just how productive group writing can be. This is a drop-in event, and you are welcome to come by at any point with no need to RSVP.