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Colourful tents at a Thai night market

Panel session 2.3

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Panels for day 2, session 2, 13.30 - 14.50 at the ASAA Conference 2018

Chair: Bernice Loh

How University has Changed Me: Stories of Indonesian Women

Dorothy Ferary

Pursuing Intersectionality: Indonesian Women Students' Experiences and Subjectivity

Dewi Andriani

Tween Girls' Dressing in Singapore: Aspirations, Allowances and Affiliations

Bernice Loh

Chair: Josh Stenberg

Contemporary Views from Mainland Chinese Writing on Indonesia

Josh Stenberg

English as a Native Language: Lee Kok Liang and Anglophone Malaysian Literature

Lynda Ng

Polyphony, Descriptions and Literary Governance: Diasporic Literatures in the Philippines.

Gyo Miyabara

Chair: Aline Scott-Maxwell

The Curious Case of Chui Chai Benjakai

John Garzoli

The Sultan and the Song

Beth Yahp

Trajectories and Divergences in Australia's Musical Engagement with Indonesia

Aline Scott-Maxwell

Chair: Leonard Andaya

A Nineteenth Century Biography of the Kapuas River in Borneo

Leonard Andaya

Locating the Red River of the last 500 years: A GIS and Historical Undertaking

Tana Li

Past, Present and Future Socio-ecological Dynamics of the Lower Mekong River

Daniel Penny

Rivers and People in Southeast Asia

Avijit Gupta

Chair: Gerard McCarthy

Conflict and Democracy in Myanmar's Ethnic Borderlands

Anna Plunkett

Experimental Naypyitaw

Nicholas Farrelly

The Rakhine Crisis in Myanmar: Any Lessons from the Great Lakes Region of Africa?

Roger Huang

Theorising Myanmar's Political Regime Type

Kihong Mun

Chair: Kenichi Yasuoka

Ownership and "Foreigner" in Occupied Japan

Kenichi Yasuoka

The Ebbs and Flows of Uranihon: Beyond the Dichotomies of the Nation

Alexander Ginnan

The Role of Japanese Language in Australia during World War II

Yasuko Hassall Kobayashi

Transcending Areas: Migratory and Intellectual Connections between Japan and Latin America

Facundo Garasino

Chair: Natali Pearson

Applying for UNESCO World Heritage Status for Mrauk-U, Rakhine State, Myanmar

Bob Hudson

Digital Narrative for World Heritage Site: Dazu Rock Carvings as Example

Wu-Wei Chen

The Largest Museum in the World

Natali Pearson 

Chair: Michael Yeo

16th Japanese Tea Architecture According to Society of Jesus Manuscripts

Adriana Piccinini Higashino

A Peripheral Port in a Global Age: The Founding of Sandakan, 1878-1915

Michael Yeo

Between Beaux-Arts and Modernism: the architecture of the University of Tehran, 1934-1941

Peyman Akhgar

Modelling Failure: The Miniature Democratic City of Dusit Thani

Lawrence Chua

Chair: Holly High

Papers in this stream of panels provide accounts of territory cults across a large and diverse geographic area. What uniting themes and dividing contrasts do you see in the territory cults of the region? How useful do you think the concept of "monsoon Asia" is in discussing these territory cults? What work remains to be done in the study of the territory cults of this region?

Linda Connor

John Holt

Jadran Mimica

Chair: Rosemary Roberts

Reviving Patriotic Masculinity: The Representation of Nationalism in Wu Jing's Wolf Warriors II

Tingting Hu and Tianru Guan

Subverting the 'Good Wife and Wise Mother': The Roles and Public Persona of Xu Jinglei

Lara Vanderstaay

The Sinophone Patient: 'Cripping' Leslie Cheung in Hong Kong

Ta-Wei Chi

Chair: Adrian Vickers

From Philology to Visual Cultures via Digital Humanities

Adrian Vickers

Her Only Real Intimate': British Colonialism, Loyalty and the Visual Iconography of the Indian Ayah

Victoria Haskins

Sniper Perspectives: The 2010 Wat Pathum Massacre and the Thai King-image Spectacle

Steven Dodds

The Impact of Foreign Communities on Javanese Urban and Architectural History

Helene Njoto

Chair: Mark Micale

Male Hysteria in Japan: Masculinity, Trauma and Military Psychiatry during the Asia-Pacific War

Eri Nakamura

'The World is Ours': Singing as Healing by Survivors of the 1965 Indonesian Mass Killings

Dyah Pitaloka

Trauma beyond the Western World: Medical Theories and Popular Ideas in Asia

Mark Micale

Tropical Stupor?: Patients Affected by Earthquake and Tropical Weather in Colonial Taiwan

Harry Yi-Jui Wu

Chair: Karl Ian Uy Cheng Chua

Comics as a Medium of Communication in the 2014 Indonesian Presidential Election

Jhosephine Tanuwidjaya

De-mystifying the ‘Stupid Voters’: Multimedia Literacies in Philippine Politics

Victoria Cayton and Karl Ian Uy Cheng Chua

Japan’s Narratives of Victimhood and War Responsibility

Ria Shibata

Transnational Connections between Vietnamese-American Community and Vietnam

Le Hanh Nguyen Nguyen

Chair: Michele Ford

Three decades ago, the future of trade unionism looked bleak in Southeast Asia, with its large informal-sector workforce and propensity to electoral authoritarianism and outright dictatorship. While trade unions are still weak, key countries in the region have experienced an upsurge in labour activism, in large part as a consequence of their rapid integration into global supply chains. In some countries, this upsurge has been accommodated within the structures of the trade union movement. In others, it has been concentrated outside it. Drawing together scholars of different Southeast Asian labour movements, this discussion panel will explore the drivers and limitations of different forms of labour activism in Southeast Asia and debate the future of trade unionism in the region.

Vicki Crinis

Chi Do Quynh

Kristy Ward

Chair: Stephen Ives

Farming with Uncertainty: Organic Agriculture in Vientiane (Laos)

Sonemany Nigole

Investigating the Gendered Outcomes of Rice Policy and Climate Adaptation in Central Vietnam

Jennifer Bond and Sen Le Thi Hoa

SWOT Analysis of Five Strategies in Shrimp Culture in Sidoarjo

Achmad Room Fitrianto

The Impact of the Second Green Revolution: Poverty and Women’s Access to Agricultural Innovations

Patrick Kilby

Chair: Amanda Gilbertson

Affective Relationships in Participative Housing Development

Febe De Geest

Lessons from the Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Philippines and Indonesia

Rachel Mary Anne Arca Basas

Participation of Women in Community Development Activities in Tedim Township, Chin state, Myanmar

Pau Sian Lian

Rethinking Subsistence Economy in the Himalaya: Lessons from Chaubas Community Forestry in Nepal

Govinda Prasad Paudel, Krishna K. Shrestha, Anthony Zwi and Ayusha Bajracharya

Chair: Mark Beeson

Emotion as a Commodity: A multimodal analysis of insurance TV commercials in Thailand

Chavalin Svetanant

Regionalism and Southeast Asia

Mathew Davies

Security in Southeast Asia

Andrew Tan

Varieties of Authoritarianism and the Limits of Democracy in Southeast Asia

Aim Sinpeng and Aries Arugay

Chair: Jung Hwang

Migrant Workers and the Geographies of Civil Society, Labor and Activism in Taiwan

Yannis-Adam Allouache

Of Japayukis, Filipina Wives, and Care Workers: Filipina Migrant Workers in Japan

Katrina Navallo

Transitory Encounters: Filipino Domestic Workers in Hong Kong's Downtown Central District

Riza Manalo Eteve

Chair: Simon Butt

Law and Environmental Justice in the Post-Authoritarian Indonesia

Agung Wardana

Legal Pluralism and Minority Rights: The Example of the Peranakan Chinese in Indonesia

Christoph Antons and Rosy Antons-Sutanto

Proximity: A Response to the Death Penalty Policy and a State of Emergency in Indonesia

August Tamawiwy

Su'ud Rusli's Constitutional Challenge: Overhauling Clemency in Indonesian Death Penalty Cases?

Daniel Pascoe

Chair: Kearrin Sims

Infrastructural Violence and Practices of Transparency in the Mae Sot-Myawaddy Special Economic Zone

Robert Farnan

Lao Hydropower Future and the Sustainability of the Mekong Shared Water Space

Andrea Chareunsy

Roads, Flows and a 'Will to Integrate': Networks, Aspirations and Livelihoods in the GMS

Sunsanee Mcdonnell

Chair: Pichamon Yeophantong

Changing Food Dynamics in China and Implications for the Greater Mekong Subregion

Hongzhou Zhang

China’s Growing Infrastructure Investment and Iustainable Citizenship in the Lower Mekong Sub-region

Shan Ni

Comparing the Role of Non-State Actors in Disaster Response in China and ASEAN

Lina Gong

CSR Entanglement in Southeast Asia: China’s state-driven investment in infrastructure

Xue Gong

Chair: Dyah Pitaloka

Challenging the 'War on Drugs' in Indonesia

Elisabeth Kramer

Identity Politics and 'Representative' Public Sphere: The Bahujan Samaj Party in Uttar Pradesh

Jayabrata Sarkar

State Power, Civil Society and Political Mobilization in Malaysia

Asha Rathina Pandi

The Dynamics of Dissent in ASEAN's Human Rights Normative Framework

Yuyun Wahyuningrum