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Colourful tents at a Thai night market

Panel session 1.3

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Panels for day 1, session 3, 15.30 - 16.50 at the ASAA Conference 2018

Chair: Caroline Compton

Coming of Age in Hpa-an: In Search of Development and a Future Moral Self

Justine Chambers

It's all about Education': Women's Aspirations of Choice, Freedom and Modernity in Urban Nepal

Margaret Becker

Personifying Progress: Young Women and Intergenerational Conflict in the Philippines

Hannah Bulloch

Present and Future Developments: Trajectories of Development in the Slums of Delhi

Annie Mccarthy

Chair: Panida Boonthavevej

Haunting Nation: Supernaturalism and Laoness in Siri Paiboun Crime Series

Panida Boonthavevej

Life-Sacrifice’ (Shashen) and ‘Self-Cultivation’ (Xiushen): On Liang Qichao’s Body Thoughts

Shinan Li

Re-thinking Home and Nation in the Immigrant Fiction in English of Melinda Bobis and Arlene Chai

Nina Somera

The Significance of Overseas Experiences to Ariyoshi Sawako’s Literature

Kenko Kawasaki

Chair: Lien Pham

Family and Community Networks: Tactics of Everyday Life Practices in the Vietnamese Diaspora

Lien Pham

Process of Mon Ethnic Identity Construction: Ban Wangka, Nong Lu Sub-district, Thailand

Nobparat Chaichana

Tracing the Past, Uncovering the Present: Cambodian-Australian Women and Historical Trauma

Maria Hach

Understanding thy Neighbour': Indonesian Muslim Student Short Visit in Australian Colleges

Anita Dewi

Chair: Kama Maclean

Coercive Institutions and the Crisis of Collaboration in late Colonial India

Kama Maclean

From Kelso to the Coromandel: James Scott, Country Trader in the East Indies

Jan-Maree Herivel

How Disreputable Were the Country Traders?

George Miller

Theikpan Maung Wa on Democracy in colonial Myanmar: YMBA Culture and its Nationalism

Yuri Takahashi

Chair: Jacqui Baker

Islamic Vigilantism in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia

Abdil Mughis Mudhoffir

Patterns of Police Shootings in Indonesia

Jacqueline Baker

Retired Military Officers and Politics: Indonesia's Military Academy Graduates, 1948-1980

Terence Lee

The Development of Human Rights in Indonesia

Yessi Olivia

Chair: Su-Kyoung Hwang

Campaigning for Peace in Korea: the WIDF and the Korean Democratic Women's Union, 1945-70

Amanda Anderson

Literatures on Korean War Bombing

Su-Kyoung Hwang

Spectacular' Violence: The 1923 Korean Massacre as a Cultural Practice in Post-World War I Japan

Tomoko Seto

Chair: Robert Aldrich

European Colonialism and Asian Monarchies

Robert Aldrich and Cindy McCreery

Late Qing Missionaries and the Chinese Classics

Ryan Dunch

Memsahib, Mistress or Prostitute? Maud Lipshut’s Life between Singapore and Australia

Jessica Hinchy and Sophie Loy-Wilson

The Expatriate Memory of the Great War: The War Memorial in Shanghai 1924-1947

Hsin-Fang Wu Wu

Chair: Dinh Quoc Phuong

(Re)Thinking Smart Ruralities and Urbanities in Global India

Manu Sobti

Incomplete Decentralisation in Southeast Asian Secondary Cities

Daniel Marks

Leisure Urbanism at Marina Bay

Cecilia Bischeri and Silvia Micheli

The Disappearance of Lakes as Urban Processes: The Case of Wuhan

Yiwen Yuan

Chair: Holly High

From Landlocked Laos to Insular Malaysia: Stone Cults and Spirits

Lia Genovese

Local Spirits and the Sense of Place and Belonging in the Eastern Shan State of Myanmar

Klemens Karlsson

Stone Altars at the Tombs of Chinese Emperors in the Late Imperial Era

Hui-Han Jin

The Political Power of the Revolutionary Dead in Indonesia

Robbie Peters

Chair: Hee-Seung Irene Lee

Bollywood's Global Affair: The Cultural Industry and Soft Power

Anubha Sarkar

Examining the Significance of Cultural Nuances in a Film’s Narrative through Kungfu Panda 3

Soh Kai

Identity and Otherness in the Film 'Lion'

Bakti Abdillah Putra Rozali

In Search of a Slow Korean Dream: Reading the Cinema of Inaction by Korean Chinese director Zhang Lu

Hee-Seung Irene Lee

Chair: Rachel Marsden

(En)countering Language in South Asian Contemporary Art

Tarun Nagesh

Artists as Agents of Change?: the rise of socially engaged and activist art in Taiwan

Sophie McIntyre

Disoriented: Contemporary Muslims artists in the Asia-Pacific

Nur Shkembi

Navigating the Intercultural City

Tammy Wong Hulbert

New Propositions on Curatorial Practice: The 11th Shanghai Biennale

Tess Maunder

Chair: Dyah Pitaloka

Bodily Impairment and Social Inequalities in Java

Erlin Erlina

Negotiating Positions Through Independently-Practicing Nurses: A Case Study of a South Sulawesi

Ade Prastyani

Social Capital and Health of the Elderly

Prapada Watcharanat

Sustaining Inequality of Access to HIV Care and Bio-politic Practices of State Bureaucrats in Bali

I Nyoman Sutarsa

Chair: Michelle Villeneuve

A Whole of Community Approach to Developing Inclusive Education Practices in Indonesia

Sukinah and Pradytia Pertiwi

Communicating about Disability and Inclusive Education Through Social and Online Media

Michelle Bonati, Gerard Goggin and Analistia Puspa Pertiwi

Cross-cultural and Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Inclusive Education in Yogyakarta

Michelle Villeneuve and Michael Millington

Parent-led Service Organisations for Children with Disabilities in China

Xiaoyuan Shang and Karen Fisher

Chair: Philip Hirsch

Local Consequences of Remittance Economy in Nepal

Sujata Tamang, Krishna K. Shrestha and Anthony Zwi

Political economy of mobility and agrarian change in Nepal

Ayusha Bajracharya

Return Migrants in Aquaculture: New Opportunities and Disparity in Rural Northeast Thailand

Soimart Rungmanee, Jagannath Adhikari and Krishna K. Shrestha

Working Conditions in Thailand's Agricultural Border Zones

Sudarat Musikawong

Chair: Kim Spurway

Activism as Ethical Space

Elvin Yifu

Local Knowledge and Environmental Policy in a Northern Thai National Park

Dung Nguyen Quang

Socio-ecological Conflicts in the Case of Cement Manufacturers in Central Java

Rouli Manalu and Laila Alfirdaus

Chair: Aim Sinpeng

Appraising the Silent Voice: Developing a Health Communication Approach Targeting Women

Rizanna Rosemary

Contemporary Chinese Political Art in the Domestic Media Environment

Lili Wang

Facebooking: Everyday Youth Politics in Cambodia

Mun Vong and Kimhean Hok

The Changing Dynamics of Media and Terrorism in the US, UK, Australia and Pakistan

Farah Naz

The Lee Media Dispute: Lee Kuan Yew's Legacy and #38oxleyroad

Enqi Weng

Chair: Anita Lie

Between Transnational Diasporic Chinese Organizations’ Network and the State

Chia Tsun Lin

Cultural Identity Formation of Second Generation of Indonesian American Youths in the United States

Anita Lie and Juliana Wijaya

Fulfillment or Illusion of Desires for Security: Intermarriage, Money, and/or Love

Masaaki Satake

Intermarriage in Colonial Malaya's and Singapore's Roman Catholic and Methodist Asian Communities

Marc Rerceretnam Rerceretnam

Chair: Elisabeth Kramer

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Greg Earl

Michele Ford

Elicia O’Reilly