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Colourful tents in a Thai night market

Panel session 1.1

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Panels for day 1, session 1, 10:40 - 12:00 at the ASAA Conference 2018 

Chair: Sharyn Davies

Gendering the Future: Sex Selection among the Educated Middle Class in Vietnam

Nguyen Hanh

Here to Represent, Constructing Transgender Subjectivity in Chinese Television

Yukai Chen

In the Name of Tradition: Making Sense of Familial Appellations in the Same-Sex Marriage

Ting-Fang Chin

Performing Morality: Policing Women's Borders in Indonesia

Sharyn Davies

Chair: David Reeve

Love in the East and the West: Comparing Reflections in the Water and Romeo and Juliet

Chenlin Wei

Massacre, War and Women: A Metaphorical Reading of The Flowers of War

Luyao Yu

Rethinking Digital Literary Sphere: Internet Platforms and Chinese Online Writing and Reading

Xiang Ren

The Diasporic Imagination in Recent Indonesian Popular Novels and Films

David Reeve

Chair: Tamaki Mihic

A Lost Cosmogony: Translating 'Heng Xian'

Esther Klein

Mind the Gap: Translating Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Terms for Research

Jim Rheingans

The Untranslatability of Kuroda Natsuko's AB Sango

Tamaki Mihic

Chair: Nigel Power

Accidental History: the movie collection of Tavisak Viryasiri

Chalida Uabumrungjit

Confronting Unspeakable Histories: the 6 October 1976 Bangkok Massacre in Documentary Film

Patporn Phoothong

Exploring the Audio-visual Essay as a Tool for Historical Inquiry

Nigel Power

Film as Historical Evidence: An Overview

Juthamas Tangsantikul

Chair: Diego Fossati

A Nation in Crisis, A Necessary Evil: Illiberal Storylines in Duterte's Philippines

Nicole Curato

New Media and Authoritarian Innovations in Malaysia

Ross Tapsell

The Rise of Sophisticated Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia

Lee Morgenbesser

Chair: Amelie Robert

Cosmopolitanism and Contradictions: Refugees in Macau during the Second World War, 1937-1945

Helena Lopes

Inoue Hisashi and the Tokyo Trials Trilogy

Masahito Takayashiki

The Perceptions of Japan in Post-War Taiwan

I-Hao Ben Liu

The Silenced Memories of Trauma: Japanese ‘Comfort Women’

Sachiyo Tsukamoto

Chair: Lisa Yoshikawa

History as Social Criticism: the Marxist Tradition in the Selected Works of Renato Constantino

Francisco Jayme Paolo Guiang

Southeast Asian Studies around the World. Semi-autobiographical Reflections on a Changing Target

Anthony Reid

The Storytelling State: Oral History as Performance in Singapore

Nien Yuan Cheng

What's Science Got to Do with It?: Asian Studies in the Anthropocene

Lisa Yoshikawa

Chair: Duanfang Lu

Contact Urban Spaces: A Case Study of Shamian Island, Guangzhou, China

Lian Zhou

Production, Legacy and 'Newness' in Colonial and Postcolonial Asian Architectures

David Beynon

Reversing Representations of Asian Urbanism

Chia Hui Lin

Student Migrants and the Transformation of Hurstville in the 21st Century

Yingfei Wang

Chair: John Holt

The Genie of the Soil in Thailand's Mid-south

Craig Reynolds

Stone Masters: Power, Place and Hospitality in Laos and Beyond

Holly High

When the Forest Falls: Lording it over the Water and the Land in Prey Lang Cambodia

Courtney Work

Chair: Josh Stenberg

Musical Analysis with Biological Software

Dang Vu

On the Inheritance of Kunqu: with Special Reference to Scenes from the Peony Pavilion

Tianwei Zhao

The Significance and Influence of the 1990 Kunju Xuanji Taiwanese Video Recording Project

Hsin-Hsin Tsai

Video Streaming and the Kunqu Tradition

Kim Hunter Gordon

Chair: Michelle Antoinette

But is it Art? New Art Publics and Shifting Artworlds in Southeast Asia

Michelle Antoinette

Colouring the State: Singapore, Contemporary Art and the Making of a Global City of the Arts

Yvonne Low

Restaging Critical Exhibitions: The Will to Archive/Memorialise/Subjectivity

Yu Jin Seng

The Yogyakarta Contemporary Art World: A Social Network Perspective

Greg Doyle

Chair: Rebecca Suter

The impact on health of consumption of sugar-sweetened Non-Alcoholic Beverages is discussed in Australia and worldwide. We are witnessing the globalization of sugar consumption and related health problems; yet there are also striking exceptions to this apparently homogenous picture. For example, Japanese consume an even larger amount of NABs than Australians. But while in Australia these are mostly sugar-sweetened sodas, in Japan they include a range of non-sweet bottled teas, which are the default beverage option in schools, workplaces, and restaurants. Japan offers a compelling case to complicate our understanding of the global rise of obesity and its relationship with consumer behaviour. Combining the perspectives of nutritional science and cultural studies, the panel investigates how cultural factors influence the availability, perception and consumption of NABs in Japan and Australia, and reflect on the relationship between culture and nutrition health.

John Coveney

Timothy Gill

Caroline Miller

Rebecca Suter

Chair: Alex Robinson

Disability and Multidimensional Poverty: Evidence from a Disability Survey in Vietnam

Liem Nguyen, Minh Hoang, Duong Le and Thao Nguyen

Disability and Poverty: Evidence from Rapid Assessments of Disability in Asia

Manjula Marella

Disability in Indonesia: What can We Learn from the Available Data?

Diana Contreras Suarez and Lisa Cameron

Measuring Poverty and Barriers to Access for People with Disability in India

Nathan Grills

Chair: Ranjit Voola

Microfinance as a Social Innovation: Empirical Evidence from India

Jarrod Vassallo

Social Inclusion Versus Randomised Control Trial Assessments: How is Program Success Represented?

Susan Goodwin and Archana Voola

Women and Food: Exploring Food Well-being in Poverty in India

Archana Voola

Chair: Mark Vicol

Agrarian Dimensions of Authoritarian Populism in Thailand

Philip Hirsch

Grassroots Democracy in Practice in the Vietnamese Countryside

Dominic Smith, Kim Yen Ngo and Xuan Thuy Vu

Rice Wars and Border Insecurities

Malini Sur

Space Invaders: A Spatial Politics of Social Movement Practice

Paul Routledge

Chair: Tanya Jakimow

Looking for emotion: Analysis of Ambonese peace movement frames in Indonesia

Abdul Rohman

Natural and Friendly Relations: The Emotional Economy of Development Volunteering

Agnieszka Sobocinska

Tension Comes: Emotional Landscapes of Gender Violence in Nepal

Sarah Homan

The Temporal Emotion Work of Left-Behind Children and their Future Aspirations

Chand Somaiah and Brenda Yeoh

Chair: Hannah Bulloch

Democracy in the Chinese Context: Fundamental Differences between Western and Chinese Understandings

Cathy Monro

Democracy, Moral Legibility and Entitlement in Contemporary Myanmar

Gerard Mccarthy

Return to the Daily Democracy: A Case Study of Traditional Public Sphere in ChiaYi, Taiwan

Chen-Yu Lien

When Anger Turns Hip-Hop: The Deliberative Capacity of Teenagers' Festive Protests in Japan

Kei Nishiyama

Chair: Michele Ford

In some fields, academic books have little currency. In Asian Studies and many cognate disciplines, they remain an important marker of scholarly endeavour. Join the editors of ASAA’s East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Women in Asia series in a conversation about how to successfully transform a dissertation into a quality academic book, or to position a subsequent project for publication.

Edward Aspinall

Louise Edwards

Morris Low

Duncan McDuie-Ra

Chair: Lynda Ng

Home and Away: How can Contemporary Art Channel Senses of Home and Authentic Identity in a Diaspora?

Anindita Banerjee

Indonesianness in the Daily Lives of Diasporic Indonesian Women

Mina Elfira

Waiting for Freedom: Perspectives of Timorese Migrants in England on Development and a Good Life

Claire Millar