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Colourful tents at a Thai night market

Panel session 2.2

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Panels for day 2, session 2, 9.30 - 10.50 at the ASAA Conference 2018

Chair: Joanna Elfving-Hwang

Desiring the Modern Boy: Beauty, Modernity and Masculinity in 1920s Japan

Pin-Pin Debbie Chan

Salaryman to Shonen: The 1960s Japanese Male Model Revolution

Masafumi Monden

The Body and the Shifting Male Beauty Discourses in 1980s and 1990s Korean Men's Fashion Magazines

Joanna Elfving-Hwang

The Salaryman and Ambivalent Embodiments of Modernity in 1920s-1930s Japan

Romit Dasgupta

Chair: Meng Li

A Longing for Nothingness: Female Subjectivity in Can Xue's Fiction

Erica Fabrizio

Awakening Gender Consciousness in Divorced Women: Sisterhood and Resistance in Chi Li's Fiction

Ruttapond Swanpitak

Moralizing and Enjoying Beautification: Women's Self-adornment as An Everyday Practice in Qing China

Zhihui Lin

Women as Trespassers: Female Ghosts in Medieval Chinese Ghost Tales

Meng Li

Chair: Juliet Fox

Using the OMEKA Platform to Share Cultural Heritage

Kim Dunphy and Holly Schauble

Video and Collective Authorship: The Experiences of Animatism in Timor-Leste

Chris Parkinson

Voice as Agency: Communication for Social Change at Community Radio Lospalos (RCL)

Juliet Fox

Chair: Robbie Peters

Failing Better: Thailand’s Democratic History

Arjun Subrahmanyan

Forming the Nation-State in Thailand: “Nation-Religion-Monarchy” in Royal Institute Dictionaries

Manita Srisitanont Luangkrajang

Thailand in Decline: The Fall and Rise of Prostration

Patrick Jory

Chair: Eve Warburton

Comparing Subnational Identity in China and the USA

Jonathan Hassid

Elites and the Negotiation of Special Autonomy Policy in Papua, Indonesia

Emir Chairullah

Is Aristotelian Virtue Relevant for Bureaucratic Organisations? Local Government in Lampung

Unang Mulkhan and Syarief Makhya

The Rise of Paralleled Governance in China: A Case Study of Disaster Response

Lin Peng and Fengshi Wu

Chair: Sandra Wilson

Film Festivals and Cultural Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific: The Role of Japanese Film Festivals

Teck Fann Goh

Grassroots Right-Wing Social Movements and the Politics of the Ordinary in Contemporary Japan

Ji Hee Jung

Mass Movements in Early Modern Japan

Anne Walthall

Chair: Christopher Richardson

Beyond Domestic Borders: Gender and Global Christian Network in Colonial Korea

Hyaeweol Choi

Christian Networks and Male Privilege

Barbara Watson Andaya

Cultural Contacts: Teochew-Catholic Communities in 20th Century Singapore

Bryan Goh

Sex, Lies and Catastrophe: Pierre Poivre's Excursions into the Cochinchina Mission, 1742-1750

Nola Cooke

Chair: Peter Armstrong

Relevant Futures for Timber-Craft Traditions in Western Himalayan Region of Ladakh, India

Deldan Angmo

Social Nested Spatial Relationships in Traditional Japanese Representations of Space

Saul Deane and Ian Perlman

The Transformation of Desert Settlements in Inner Mongolia: The Case of Gonghuduge

Yushu Liang

Trojan Garden: Aesthetic Exchanges of Dissonant Heritage between Australia and Japan

Anoma Pieris

Chair: Peter Jackson

A World Ever More Enchanted: Modernity Makes Magic in 21st Century Thailand

Peter Jackson

Resurrecting Lan Na Religiosity: Spirit Possession in Chiang Mai

Kazuo Fukuura

Tying Kinship with Spirits: Mediumistic Healing and Humanity in Northeast Thailand

Visisya Pinthongvijayakul

Chair: Siyuan Liu

Comedy and Humour in the Yangbanxi

Rosemary Roberts

Gui Zhong Yuan (Treasure in the Chest): The Cleaned-Up Version of A 'Yellow' Play

Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak

Solidifying the Path for Revolutionizing' Jingju? The Mystifying 'Three Raids at the Zhu's Village'

Xing Fan

The Public Denunciation of the Jingju Actress Zhao Yanxia in the Early 1950s

Siyuan Liu

Chair: Luise Guest

(In)visible Ink: Performing Female Bodies in Chinese Contemporary Art

Luise Guest

Negotiating New Genres of Tiehua (Iron Painting) in Socialist China, 1956-1979

Qin Fang

The Everyday Leftover in Contemporary Chinese Art

Ruobing Wang

Chair: Michael Dibley

Designing and Implementing an Antenatal Nutrition Behaviour Change Communication in Rural Bangladesh

Morseda Chowdhury, Camille Raynes-Greenow, Michael Dibley and Ashraful Alam

Evaluation of an M-health Based RCT to Improve Maternal and Child Nutrition in Rural India

Ashraful Alam, Michelle D’Almeida, Samreen Khan and Michael Dibley

Mobile health Interventions to Promote Infant and Young Child Feeding Counselling in a Sri Lanka

Upul Senarath, Sanjeeva Godakandage, Hiranya Jayawickrama and Manuj Weerasinghe

The Feasibility of Improving Maternal, Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices in Northern Laos

Nina Berry, Ashraful Alam and Michelle D’Almeida

Chair: Minglu Chen

Being An 'Innocent Young Girl': Career mobility of Female Provincial Leaders in China

Minglu Chen

Daigou, Chinese Mobility and Micro-entrepreneurship in Australia

Haiqing Yu

Rural Migrant Women: The Politics of Suffering and Working Class Perspective

Wanning Sun

The On-demand Mobile Workforce and Ride-hailing Platforms in China: A Reality Check

Jing Zhao

Chair: Quynh Chi Do

Changing patterns in Labour Governance: Evidence from Greater China and South Asia

Chyi-Herng Chang and Santanu Sarkar

Labour Market Intermediation as the Missing Link: The Case of Indian Auto Manufacturing

Tom Barnes

States and Labour in Global Production Networks: The Liquefied Natural Gas Sector in Southeast Asia

Bradon Ellem

Wage Initiatives in the Garment Industry in Southeast Asia

Michael Gillan and Michele Ford

Chair: Patrick Kilby

Beef Cattle Intensification and Changing Livelihoods in the Highlands of North West Vietnam

Dr Stephen Ives and Professor Robyn Eversole

Constraints to Agricultural Development: Smallholder Cocoa farmers in Sulawesi and Bougainville

David Guest

Critical Reflections on 'Going to Scale' in Agricultural Research for Development

Liana Williams and Rob Cramb

The Feminisation of Agriculture: Methodological Conundrums

Toni Darbas

Chair: Tanya Jakimow

From Housewife to Mompreneur: Changing Expectations of Womanhood in Digital Islamic Indonesia

Minako Sakai

Inclusive Socio-Economic Development through Crowdfunding Platforms in Contemporary Indonesia

Bhirawa Anoraga

State-Society Relations in Community Empowerment Policies in Rural Indonesia

Ajie Saksono

Chair: Jason Lim

Disassembling Democratic Institutions: Singapore's Un/Elected Presidency

Lily Rahim

Ethno-nationalism Travels Incognito in Singapore

Michael Barr

Singapore's Early Industrialisation and Myths of Openness (and Borderedness)

Stephen Dobbs

The Myth of Singapore as a Media City and Creative Hub

Terence Lee

Chair: Kyounghee Moon

(Trans)National Service: Conscripting Second-Generation Migrants in Neoliberal Singapore

Theophilus Kwek

Living as One United Peoples: A Study of Multiculturalism and Singaporean Nationhood

Rebecca Tan

Regaining Ethnicity among Young 2nd Generation Korean Students in New Zealand Tertiary Institutions

Changzoo Song

Chair: Etsuko Toyoda

Family and Judge in Japan

Yuichiro Tsuji

Judicial Construction of 'the Family' in Taiwan's Constitutional Interpretations

Huey Ling Shee

Judicial Construction of T'sip in Chinese Family Law in East Asia: A Comparative Perspective

Wai Lun Max Wong

Social Pressure vs Truth to Self: A Dilemma

Etsuko Toyoda

Chair: Pichamon Yeophantong

Creating the Golden Peninsula Region: The Idea of Mainland Southeast Asia in Cold War Thailand

Simon Creak

Negotiating the Belt-and-Road, ASEAN, and the Greater Mekong Subregion: China and Laos

Kearrin Sims

New Logics of Governance and Economic Integration in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone

Josto Luzzu

Chair: Fengshi Wu

Beyond Regime Characteristics: Environmental Governance in Transitional States

Fengshi Wu

Environmental Justice through Asian Development Bank Accountability Mechanisms?

Susan Park

Supergrids - Promise or Curse for Green Development?

Evgeny Simonov and Igor Shkradyuk

The Two-Level Game: Subnational Politics in the China-India Water Dispute

Selina Ho

Chair: Tamas Wells

Parahita and Democratization: The Political Economy of Self-help

Michael Griffiths

Persist and Resist ? Agrarian Movements and Authoritarian Populism in Duterte's Philippines

Joseph Edward Alegado

The Rise of Social Consciousness among Young Buddhists in Burma

Mee Mee Zaw

Under the Dark Shade of Palm Oil Trees: The Politics of Indigenous Dayak Movement and Human Rights

Annisa Hartoto