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Colourful tents at a Thai night market

Panel session 2.4

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Panels for day 2, session 4, 15.30 - 16.50 at the ASAA Conference 2018

Informality and the Media in Consumer Protection in Indonesia Petra Mahy and Naomi Creutzfeldt

Chair: Pei-Yin Lin

Chinese and Japanese Womanhood: Through the Eyes of American Women Missionaries

Tin Kei Wong

Progressive or Immoral: Representations of the Modern Girl in Print Media of 1930s Taiwan

Pei-Yin Lin

The Image of Female in Chinese and Japanese Nihilist Fictions

Chan I-Ying

Chair: Sung-Ae Lee

The Story Paper: Anti-Communist Romance at the Hong Kong-China-Southeast Asia Crossroads

Kenny Kwok Kwan Ng

Transdiasporic Historiography in Contemporary Vietnamese Francophone and American Literature

Alexandra Kurmann

When You're Americanized You Don't Have Any Culture': Glocal Subjectivities in Grace Lin's Novels

Sung-Ae Lee

Chair: Jack Frawley

Finding The Rising Sun: Contrafactum And Cambodian Pop Music

Jack Frawley

From Manga to the Mahabharata: Adaptation and Intertextuality in Recent Kabuki Productions

Jennifer Scott

Modernity and Rebellion: K-Pop Consumption in China from the Late 1990s to the Early 2000s

Meicheng Sun

Talent Show, Governmentality and the Chinese Dream

Geng Song

Chair: Rebecca Gidley

Another Case of ‘Using the Past to Serve the Present’: Route Books (genglubu)

Johannes Kurz Kurz

Bokor National Park: A Microcosm of Cambodian History

Rebecca Gidley

The Defoliation Program of US Army During the Viet-Nam War: The Problem of Sources

Amelie Robert

Traveling Routes, Literary Narrative, and Modernity in King Chulalongkorn’s ‘Far From Home’

Pasoot Lasuka

Chair: Vannessa Hearman

Scapegoating on the Australian Doorstep

Susan Connelly

The Evolving Narrative of Denial: The Fraser Government and the Occupation of East Timor

Peter Job

Timorese 'Boat People' and Asylum Seekers as Transnational Political Actors

Vannessa Hearman

Chair: Sachiko Kawai

Blinds, Cushions, and Robes: Networking and Empowerment of Medieval Japanese Royal Women

Sachiko Kawai

Engineering Networks of Empire in Colonial Taiwan and Korea

Tristan Grunow

Music and Cultural Capital Networks in the Medieval Japanese Court

Rieko Kamei-Dyche

What's in a Name? Eighth Century Immigrants and Networks of Status in the Japanese Court

Nadia Kanagawa

Chair: Nick Cheesman

New Books in Southeast Asian Studies, a channel of the New Books Network ( hosts a discussion with three authors who have come on the channel to talk about their books: Holly High, on Fields of Desire: Poverty and Policy in Laos; Patrick Jory, on Thailand's Theory of Monarchy: The Vessantara Jataka and the Idea of the Perfect Man; and, Lee Morgenbesser, on Behind the Facade: Elections Under Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia. Please join us as these authors reflect on their experiences of researching and writing academic work, and respond to your questions about publishing important books on Southeast Asia's culture, history and politics.

Holly High

Patrick Jory

Lee Morgenbesser

Chair: Robbie Peters

Commodify Fundamentalism: Muslim-Only Real Estate Complexes in Greater Jakarta

Maria Adriani

From Agricultural to Landless in Bantul

Endang Purwasari

Integrated Mega-Casinos and Speculative Urbanism in Southeast Asia

Juan Zhang

Chair: Kathryn Robinson

Faith in the Law? Women’s Responses to Domestic Violence in Indonesia

Dina Afrianty

Regulation of Muslim Marriage in Indonesia: Political Challenges across the Public/private Divide

Kathryn Robinson

Respectability’ and Embodied Publicness in Indonesia

Julian Millie

Women and the City: Everyday Encounters in Banaras

Shivani Gupta


Chair: Xiaohuan Zhao

Harmony in Diversity: Buddhism, Confucianism and Daoism in the Mulianxi

Xiaohuan Zhao

Revitalizing Gaojia Opera within a 'Silent Minority': The Tsinoys in Manila

Caroline Chia

Social Breakdown and Restoration: Village Nuo Theatricals and Chinese Vernacular Fiction

Anne Mclaren

Chair: Adrian Vickers

Depiction of Javaneseness in the Thai Panji Dance Drama: Adaptation, Hybridity and Dynamics

Thaneerat Jatuthasri

Native Visions? Photographic Modernism in South and Southeast Asia

Alexander Supartono

The Urban Experience in Late New Order Indonesia through Poetry, Sculptures and Plays

Sony Karsono

Zeigeist of the 19th Century: A Study on Paintings of Shanghai Painters in Japan

Ni Na Camellia Ng 

Chair: Warwick Anderson

Colonial Medicine and the Empire of Insects

Robert Peckham

Physicians in colonial Indonesia: Opposing the Colonial State, Imagining Independent Indonesia

Hans Pols

The Japanese ... had Little or no Knowledge of the Disease': Malaria and Colonial Knowledge Claims

Sandra Khor Manickam

The Way of the Facemask

Lyle Fearnley

Chair: Dirk Tomsa

Academics and Public Opinion in Indonesia

David McRae and Robertus Robet

Fake News and Anti-Chinese Discourses in the 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election

Charlotte Setijadi

International Media in Indonesia’s Domestic Politics

Liam Gammon

Pollsters and Populism in Indonesia

Dirk Tomsa

Chair: Bradon Ellem

From Labour Activist to Aspiring Politician: The Case of Obon Tabroni

Amalinda Savirani

Labour Politics in East and Southeast Asia

Stephane Le Queux and Anne Cox

The Cambodian Union Movement as a Political Actor in Relation to the 2018 Elections

Shelley Marshall

The Everyday Spaces of the Nikkeijin in Japan: Migrant Workers as Political Actors

Hironori Onuki

Chair: Chieh-Ming Lai

Balinese Musicians and the Bali Anti-Reclamation Movement: A Social Network Analysis

Tinitis Rinowati and Tirton Nefianto

Modeling Thainess: Landmarks in the Thailand Tourism Festival

Chieh-Ming Lai

The Effect of Tourism on the Lived Experiences on Children and Young People in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Amanda Miller

When the Website Engenders Trust: Multimodal Analysis of an Asian Hospital Website

Jonathan Rante Carreon

Chair: Kaira Zoe Canete

Rethinking Disaster Governance: Lessons from Nepal's 2015 Earthquakes Recovery Practice

Krishna Shrestha and Ayusha Bajracharya

Socio-Spatial Reconfigurations of a 'Post'-disaster Community in the Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

Kaira Zoe Canete

The Role of Local Government in Reducing Vulnerability to Floods in the City of Makassar, Indonesia

Ismawaty Nur, Krishna K. Shrestha and Tanya Jakimow

Urbanisation and Natural Disaster in South and East Asia: A Systematic Review

Kim Spurway and Anthony Zwi

Chair: Lien Pham

Crossroads of Private and Public Virtue: Genealogical Records as Early Mass Media in Joseon Korea

Tomasz Sleziak

Narrations about Prosperity in a Korean Newspaper published in Manchuria before 1949

Xiaoliang Zhao

The Cosmopolitanism of Ethics and Place in Colonized East Asia: Pak Unsik and Phan Boi Chau

Will Pore

The Japanese of New Caledonia: Mixed Race Histories of Ethnocide in the French Pacific and Australia

Benjamin Ireland

Chair: Nurchayati Chudori Muksam

Human Trafficking in Bangladesh: Is the Government's Response Consistent with International Law?

Mst Kanij Fatima

Mapping Transnational Crime in Indonesia: Strategies for Reducing Human Trafficking in East Java

Ni Komang Desy Setiawati Arya Pinatih, Yustika Citra Mahendra and Asih Purwanti

The Rights of Boat Refugees of Southeast Asia and International Law

Hassan Al Imran

Chair: Melissa Crouch

A Multi-culture Analysis of Courts and Civil Litigation in East Asian Jurisdictions

Yoshiharu Matsuura

Informality and the Media in Consumer Protection in Indonesia

Petra Mahy and Naomi Creutzfeldt

Juvenile Courts and Access to Justice for Children in Indonesia

Santi Kusumaningrum, Sharyn Davis and Putri Amanda

The Impact of Amnesty Law towards Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Aceh

Harison Citrawan

Chair: Michael Clarke

Beyond Arms Embargo: China's Rise and the EU's Challenge of Maintaining Economic-Security Balance

Jingdong Yuan

Japan, China and the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands: Narrowing Power, Widening Identity Gap

Santosh Sharma Poudel Poudel

Sustainable Stability in an Era of China and India: An Empirical Approach to Dispute Management

Jiye Kim

The Chinese Maritime Security Strategy in the Xi Jinping's New Era

Ke Xu

Chair: Winnie L M Yee

Hetero-photography: Chinese Tourists’ Visual Encounters with Xinjiang and Japan

David O’Brien and Melissa Shani Brown

Polluted Rivers, Polluted Moralities: Environmental Problems and Solutions in Indonesian Pop Culture

Meghan Downes

The Contradictions of Globalization in Behaviour Consumption of Urban Middle Class in Surabaya

Diah Ariani Arimbi, Nur Wulan and Freek Colombijn

Chair: Yuyun Wahyuningrum

Creative Farmers and Climate Politics in Indonesian Lowland Rice Production

Rhino Ariefiansyah and Sophie Webber

There Are No Straight Lines in Nature: Maps as Cultural Resource and Tool for Advocacy in West Papua

Sophie Chao

Reinventing Student Struggle: Student Activism in Democratizing Indonesia

Yatun Sastramidjaja

WALHI, Development and the Dynamism of Indonesian Democracy

James Guild