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Colourful tents at a Thai night market

Panel session 2.1

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Panels for day 2, session 1, 8.00 - 9.20 at the ASAA Conference 2018

Chair: Benjamin Hegarty

Lifestyle Magazines and Consumerist Masculinities in Hong Kong

Tracy Lee

Localizing Globalization: Gender Ideologies of Pakistani Urban Citizens

Amber Hammad

Same Social Structures, New Social Pressures: The Influence of Technology on Performed Masculinities

Cassie Defillipo

Young Men, Sexuality and the Desire for Middle Class Status in Post-authoritarian Indonesia

Benjamin Hegarty

Chair: Michael Tsang

Masculinities, Homosociality and Intimacies in Murakami's 'The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle'

Laura Clark

Politics of Transmediality in Murakami Haruki

Michael Tsang

The Kitchen in Murakami: Food Preparation and Consumption as a Form of Resistance

Chikako Nihei

Women in the World of Murakami Haruki

Gitte Marianne Hansen

Chair: Sam Carroll-Bell

Governance and Citizenship from the Ground Up: State Formation in Timor-Leste

Anne Brown

Locating Power in the Spiritual Landscape: Understanding Security Needs and Concerns in Timor-Leste

Bronwyn Winch

Sociopolitical Relations of Help: Motivations of International Development Workers in Timor-Leste

Sam Carroll-Bell

Three Modernities in Timor-Leste: Key Dimensions of Social Change in Constituting the New Republic

Damian Grenfell

Chair: Deepshikha Boro

Siam during Colonial Period through the Chinese Eyes

Piyamas Sanpaweerawong

Siam made in France

Deepshikha Boro

Teochew Letters from Thailand: Building a Transnational Network between China and Thailand

Yujiao Wang

The Relationship between House of Champassak and Siamese Government in the Mid-19th Century

Preeyaporn Kantala

Chair: Eve Warburton

Falling out of Love with Nuclear Power: Changing Energy Policies in South Korea and Taiwan

Heike Hermanns

North Korea: Unveiled Through its Nuclear Ambitions

Chenjun Wang

The Impact of Anti-nuclear Movements on India’s Civil Nuclear Energy Policy

Kesava Chandra Varigonda

Chair: David Howell

From Materia Medica to Spice: The Curious History of Saffron in Japan

Susan Burns

Tea for Australia: Japanese Plans to Expand Tea Exports, 1873-1890

Robert Hellyer

The Great Asian Deerskin Boom: Trade and Violence across Early Modern Asia

Adam Clulow

Waste Not, Want Not: Excrement as a Commodity in Early Modern Japan

David Howell

Chair: Aline Scott-Maxwell

In the common pursuit of Asia knowledge and its dissemination, this second installment of roundtable discussions started at the 2016 ASAA Conference aims to bring together the users of Asia-related research material and those who seek to provide them. Whilst undoubtedly the field of study 'Asian Studies' is changing, so is the library world. Questions need to be raised on the implications of these changes. In this roundtable discussion, we invite researchers, scholars, lecturers, teachers, students and librarians to bring to the table issues and challenges on and around the topic of research resources: the gradual decline in library subject specialisations, the changing concept of the 'library' and its consequential impact on Asian Studies, the need for vernacular material or not, current trans-Asia and interdisciplinary research directions that depend less on Asian-language resources, new library initiatives to promote special Asian collections, and equitable access to Asia-related resources.

Robert Cribb

Anita Dewi

Amy Chan

Di Ouyang

Chair: Manu Sobti

A Cross-cultural Enquiry into the Changing Urban Form in China: A Case Study of Nanjing

Ye Li

Spaces of Urban Poverty and Social Welfare in China

Sirma Altun

The Chaoyang Masses: Community Volunteers and Urban Culture in Beijing

Ka-Ming Wu

The Influence of the Ideal Chinese Capital Plan

Peter  Armstrong

Chair: Holly High

Beyond Nations and Areas: Monsoon Asia as a geoenvironmental region and sociospatial grouping

Andrea Acri

Fresh from the Field – Recent Observations on Power, Place and Spirits in Upland Northern Laos

Paul-David Lutz

Guardians of the Kingdom

Sally Bamford

Javanese Spirit Possession Practices as the Means of Interaction with the Local Guardian Spirits

Eva Rapoport


Chair: Xiaohuan Zhao

Building Utopia: Fiction and Reality in the Works of Female Playwrights of the Ming/Qing Dynasties

Chenlin Kao

Conformity and Subversion: Adaptation under Socialist Realism in China

Yi Li

On the Study of Nanxi (Southern Drama) in the English-language World

Shiwang Lin

Theatre as Business: A Study of Theatrical Performance in Shanxi Merchant Guild-halls

Yunjie Hu

Chair: Stephen Whiteman

Chinese Legends in Kogury? Tomb Chamber Murals: A Study of the Murals from Tomb No.4 of Wukuifen

Li Xiaoxuan

Examining the 'Mad Genius': Schizophrenia, Cultural Revolution, and the Art of Shi Lu

Yang Wang

The Dustbin of History: Life Cycles of Cultural Revolution Objects

Minerva Inwald

Visualising Authority: Ideal Young Citizens in Taiwan's Chinese Cultural Renaissance Movement

Paul Farrelly

Chair: Evita Ricafort and Elisabeth Kramer

Policy Challenges in Countering Tobacco Industry Interference in the Philippines

Evita Mariz Ricafort

Tobacco Industry Interference in Asia

Becky Freeman

Tobacco Packaging in Thailand

Aua aree Engchanil

Chair: Minglu Chen

Coverage of the Ahok Verdict: Evidence from Indonesian-language and Chinese-language Newspapers

Wu Ling Chong

Cyber Sectarianism in Indonesia: Religion, Politics and Business

Hafiz Al Asad

Intimacy, Symbolic Capital, and Self-Validation: Technosexual Experiences of Filipino Millenials

Jasmin Ado

Ultra Subjective Space: A Changing Relationship between Audience and Media Art in Japan

Zilia Zara-Papp

Chair: Lulu Gu

A Replication Study of the Role of Intermediaries in Facilitating Trade: Evidence from China

Jianhua Duan

Dependence Structures and Systemic Risk in China's Credit Bond Market: A Wavelet-copula Approach

Lu Yang

On the Construction of the World Trade and Investment Organization

Guohua Yang

Understanding Southeast Asia's Trade Negotiations Through ASEAN: Prospects, Problems and Limitations

Pantri Muthriana Erza Killian

Chair: Toni Darbas

Agrarian and Landscape Transformation in Timor Leste Resulting from Agroforestry Development

Joanne Millar, Jennifer Bond, Alex Sarmento and Jorge Ramos

Agriculture as a Driver of Social and Economic Transformation in Southeast Asia's Upland Regions

Mark Vicol, Bill Pritchard and Yu Yu Htay

Logic of Production Systems in Rural India

Deepak Kumar

Reimagining Rural Myanmar: On the Fast-track to the Global Countryside?

Bill Pritchard

Chair: Alexandra Crosby

Can Resilience be Achieved?

Laura Bruce and David Sanderson

Local Community Resilience: The Case of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011

Kazuhisa Shimada

Plants and the City: Food Security in Singapore

Alexandra Crosby and Ilaria Vanni

Two Interpretations of 'Ecological Civilization' in Today's Chinese

Feng Lu

Chair: Amrita Malhi

Kinship and Memory Politics in Social Media during the 2016 Philippine Election

Noahlyn Maranan

Race and the ‘Multi-Racial’: Malaysian Opposition Campaigning, 2008-2018

Amrita Malhi

The Evolving Politics of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party between 2008 and 2017

Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman

Twisted Recognition of the Japanese Political Parties: What is ‘Liberal’?

Keiko Morita

Chair: Annie Yuan Cih Wu

Male Villagers, Social Change and Transnational Labour Migration: Cases from East Java

Nurchayati Chudori Muksam

Social Costs of Remittances: East Timorese Migrant Workers in Australia's Seasonal Worker Programme

Annie Yuan Cih Wu

The Struggle to Secure Labour Standards for Asia's Migrant Workers

Stuart Rosewarne

Chair: Simon Butt

Emerging Zones of Confinement in Asia and the Criminalisation of Exit

Louise Boon-Kuo

The Mekong River Commission: Using the Mekong Spirit to Enhance the Law?

Ana Felicio

The Struggle for Constitutionalism and Change in Myanmar

Melissa Crouch

When do authoritarian leaders pass an Assembly Law? A Comparison between China and Vietnam

Nhu Q. Truong and Juan Wang

Chair: Fengshi Wu

Dangerous Waters: The Cost of Operation Sovereign Borders on Regional Stability

James Mortensen

Discursive Construction of National Identities through Encounters with Refugees in Indonesia

Mahardhika Sjamsoeoed Sadjad

Internationalisation of Rohingya Refugee Crisis: The Cases of Malaysia, Turkey and China

Xin Ying Chan

Politicized Humanitarian Assistance: The Voluntary Repatriation of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Yen Ne Foo

Chair: Selina Ho

Activist Networks and Resource Governance in Authoritarian Southeast Asia

Pichamon Yeophantong

Disclosure, Participation and Atmospheric Environment Governance: Evidence from the PITI Report

Sihan Li, Fanrong Meng and Zitao Chen

Enhancing Transnational Enforcement Cooperation against Wildlife Crime in China and Southeast Asia

Nan Jiang

Chair: Yuyun Wahyuningrum

Hong Kong's 'Intimate Comrades': The First Generation of Young Political Prisoners

Petula Sik Ying Ho, Stevi Jackson, Shirley and Sui Ting Kong

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia's 'Logic of Connective Action'

Santalia Deane-Johns

Social Movements and the State in Cambodia

Sokphea Young

The Middle Class-Led Left Movement in Civil Society's Role in the Philippine Democratization Process

Teresa Tadem