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Colourful tents at a Thai night market

Panel session 3.2

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Panels for day 3, session 2, 10.30 - 11.50 at the ASAA Conference 2018

Chair: Tove Bjoerk

Autumn Rain: A New Lease of Life for Yang Guifei

Robin Ruizendaal

Literary Adaptations and Kunqu Performance of Yang Guifei

Shih-Pe Wang

Parables and Illusions: The "Song of Everlasting Sorrow" on the Japanese Stage

Tove Bjoerk

Yang Guifei's Reincarnations in Japanese Noh and Kabuki Theatres

Galia Petkova

Chair: Dallas Rogers

19th/20th-Century Pearl River Delta Remittance Houses: Crystallisation of Labour and Affect Sources

Denis Byrne

Geographies of Hyper-Commodified Housing: Foreign Capital, Market Activity and Housing Stress

Dallas Rogers, Jacqueline Nelson and Alex Wong

Transnational Housing Production in Sydney: The Role of Chinese Developers

Xiao Ma, Duanfang Lu and Dallas Rogers

Chair: Thomas Baudinette

A Bourdieusian approach to Three Kingdoms BL Doujinshi in China, Japan and Taiwan

Asako Saito

BL on ICE: Border-crossing Features of Yuri!!! on ICE Fandom in Taiwan

Tien-Yi Chao

Creative Misreading of 'Thai Boys Love' by a Filipino Fan Community

Thomas Baudinette

'Why Oh Y': The Adaptation of Boys Love/Yaoi Manga in Thailand

Thammachat Krairit

Chair: Warwick Anderson

Chinese Indentured Labour in British North Borneo during the 1920s

Claire Lowrie

Chinese Indentured Labour in the New Hebrides

Julia Martinez

Chinese-Australian Furniture Factory Strikes, 1885-1908

Peter Gibson

Labour Rights and the ‘Coolie’ Question: Chinese Indentured Labourers in New South Wales

Sophie Loy-Wilson

Chair: Chris Chaplin

A Sustained Conservative Alliance? Examining the Continued Political Strength of the Aksi Bela Islam

Christopher Chaplin and Nava Nuraniyah

Islam, Blasphemy, and Human Rights: The Case of Ahok

Daniel Peterson

Nationalism and The Root of Polarization In Indonesian Contemporary Politics

Pradipto Niwandhono

Women's Movement or Movement of Women: Analysis of Indonesian Young Muslim Women's Groups

Annisa Ridzkynoor Beta

Chair: Annie Pohlman

Anatomy of a Prison Island: Life on Atauro Island during the Indonesian Occupation of East Timor

Hannah Loney

Growing up in Prison: Children in the Buru Island Penal Colony

Ken Setiawan

Looking towards 'Burma' through the Memoirs of Cocos Islands Inmates

Nick Cheesman

Twenty Months of Exile: The Diary of a Life in Boven Digoel, 1936-1937

Robert Cribb

Chair: Michael Leadbetter

A Scientific Approach to Chinese Tradeware Porcelain from Southeast Asia

Lorraine Leung

Disruptive Materiality: testing SE Asian historical narrative & cultural assumption with archaeology

Michael Leadbetter

From Angkor to Kyoto: How the Hindu-Buddhist Kingship of Southeast Asia Influenced Premodern Japan

Matthew Stavros

Chair: Gwendolyn Hyslop

Human Proper Names and the Reconstruction of Zomian Pre-history

Yankee Modi

Literacy Embraced or Abandoned: The Case of Two Hmong Orthographies

Nerida Jarkey

The Tangsa/Tangshang of the Indo-Myanmar Border: A Copy-book Example of Zomians?

Stephen Morey

Zomia and Linguistic Minorities of Southwest China

Umberto Ansaldo

Chair: Adrian Vickers

Between the Sea and a Hard Place: Fisheries and Livelihood Decline in a West Bali Coastal Community

Carol Warren

Freshwater Management Practices and Tourism in Bali

Thomas Wright

The 1963 'Eka Dasa Rudra' Ceremony and the Eruption of Mount Agung in Balinese Literature

I Nyoman Darma Putra

Chair: Mark Allon

Buddhist law in Contemporary Southern Asia

Benjamin Schonthal

Malaysian Chinese in the Multi-faith context of Malaysia: An Analysis of Malaysian Chinese Buddhism

Lee Hwa Teh

The Engaged Buddhism of Thich Nhat Hanh and its Influences in Vietnam Contemporary Buddhism

Thi Ha An Nguyen

The Problem of Intuition in the Early Thought of Liang Shuming

Yim Fong Chan

Chair: Vincent Louie Tan

Capturing the Filipino: Reconsidering the Interiors of Wili Fernandez

Vincent Louie Villaescusa Tan

Identity in Philippine Contemporary Art Museum of Contemporary Art & Design  Exhibitions, 2012-2016

Maria Angelica Viceral

Landscape [ReFramed]: Reading the Narratives of the Colonizer and the Colonized

Maria Sharon Arriola

On How Once we Consider that the Interior Perspective Render is Art, We can Arrive at a New Interior

Louie Navarro

Chair: Laura Dales

Barriers to Accessibility of Maternal Health Services in Remote Areas of Vietnam

Thu Thi Hoai Nguyen and Fiona McDonald

Contemporary Gender Ideologies of Rural Families: Intra-household Relationships in the Philippines

Veronica Gregorio

Pro-birth Policy and the Politics of Matchmaking in Phibun’s Regime: The Impact on  Thai Women

Natanaree Posrithong

The Wellbeing of Filipino-Australian Seniors and First Generation Expatriates

Mary Angeline Da-Anoy and Masaaki Satake

Chair: Brigid Freeman

Mabuni Peace Project: New and Creative Pedagogy in the Classroom

Shoko Oshiro

Teacher Training on Peacebuilding for In-Service Teachers in Southern Thailand

Chawin Pongpajon and Manasikarn Hengsuwan

The Cultural Impact of Boarding School Education on Ethnic Minority Students in Xinjiang

Xin Su, Neil Harrison and Robyn Moloney

The Politics of Choosing Texts: Power/knowledge in a Tertiary Japanese Language Classroom

William Armour and Sumiko Iida

Chair: Tamara Jacka

Dissent from Within: Women’s Care-work and Economies in Bhutan, China and Indonesia

Kelly Dombroski, Ririn  Haryani, Anmeng Liu and Sonam Pem

Gender Metrics beyond ‘Smart Economics’

Michelle Carnegie

The Dust that Doesn't Settle: Gender Relations in the Stone Quarries and Crushers

Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt

Weaving Lives: Theorising the Economic Practices of Chinese Villagers

Tamara Jacka

Chair: Sango Mahanty

After the Boom: Rupture in the Northern Cambodia-Vietnam Borderlands

Sango Mahanty

Commodity Frontiers in the Cardamom Mountains

Tim Frewer and Sopheak Chan

Conceptualising Rupture in Mainland Southeast Asia's Resource Frontiers

Keith Barney, Sango Mahanty, Sarah Milne and Wolfram Dressler

The Social and Political Consequences of Resistance in Cambodia

Sarah Milne

Chair: Luigi Tomba

Economic Empowerment of Women and Its Implications for Women’s Safety and Autonomy in Cambodia

Soheang Pak and Dinesh Wadiwel

Multi-sectoral Collaboration in Support of Food and Nutrition Security in Timor-Leste

Johanna Wong, Brigitte Bagnol, Mu Li and Robyn Alders

State-funded Development Projects and Village Governance in Remote Rural China

Kai Zhang

Chair: Jonathan Sutton

Female Combatants in Nepal's Maoist Insurgency: Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward

Keshab Giri

Learning from the Best: Why Liberals Must Learn From Vigilantes

Muhammad Fajar Fajar

The Indonesian Armed Forces's Role in Counterterrorism: An Evaluation of Military Reform

Chaula Rininta Anindya

Chair: Kyounghee Moon

A Study on the Impact of Social Capital through Generations—A Focus on Korean-Australians

Jane Gyung Sook Lee

Engendering the Migration Policy of the Developmental State in South Korea, 1962–1987

Jung Hwang

Imaginations and Aspirations Surrounding International Student Mobility in the 'Periphery'

Sarah Jane Lipura

The Pursuit of Inclusion? Education Fever amongst Korean-Australian Parents

Yong Moon Jung

Chair: Luke Nottage

Should Australia introduce a Japanese-style Joint Crediting Mechanism?

Justin Dabner

Societal Constitutionalism and New Social Cohesiveness Micro-sites: Searching for Legal Paradigm

Luca Siliquini-Cinelli

The Japanese Law School System at a Turning Point: Current Criticalities and Future Outlook

Giorgio Fabio Colombo

Chair: Jingdong Yuan

China’s Counter-Insurgency in the Xinjiang Province

Stefanie Kam

The Role of the Internet and Social Networks in Violent Extremism: The Case of Bangladesh

Md Saimum Parvez

Uyghur Militancy and Terrorism: The Evolution of a ‘Glocal’ Jihad?

Michael Clarke

Chair: Aim Sinpeng

Controversies around island and waterfront reclamation projects

Thor Kerr, Kuskridho Ambardi and Susan Leong

From Fortified Passes to 'Choke Points': A Brief History of Access to Lhasa and Thimphu

Ruth Gamble

Infrastructure in the Making: The Chao Phraya Dam Development and its Dances of Agency

Jakkrit Sangkhamanee

Chair: Peter Jackson

Contested Rights: ASEAN and Sexuality Politics

Anthony Langlois

Queer Contestations, Collaborations and their Transnational Entanglements Across Southeast Asia

Baden Offord

The State and Sexuality: Contestations in Singapore

Shawna Tang

What Constitutes LGBT as a Political Identity in Indonesia

Hendri Yulius