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Colourful tents at a Thai night market

Panel session 3.3

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Panels for day 3, session 3, 13.30 - 14.50 at the ASAA Conference 2018

Chair: Kanae Takahashi

Identity Formation in Fujoshi's Community: Interaction with Dominant Gender Norms

Saori Ishida

Normative Femininity of Japanese Women and 'Kawaii' Constructed through Japanese Fashion Magazines

Kyoko Koma

Sexualization of Japanese Women in a Global Postfeminist Era

Hiromi Tanaka

Stylish Housewives: The Changing Ideals of Young Mothers depicted in the Fashion Magazine 'VERY'

Kanae Takahashi

Chair: Gerry Groot

Christian Activism in Hong Kong and Opposition to State-Sponsored Nationalism and United Front Work

Yun Wang

The CCPs United Front Work Department today: Contradictions of Xi Jinping’s New Era

Gerry Groot

United Front Work and the Sinicization of Christianity under Xi Jinping

Alice Netting

Chair: Kristine Santos

Boys' Love Media in Vietnam: National Attitudes toward Sexuality in the Context of Globalization

Thi Huyen Linh Nguyen

Japan for Everyone: Manga/ Anime and the Cultural Relationship between Mexico and Japan

Edgar Santiago Pelaez Mazariegos

Localising Transcultural Fan Literacies: Yuri on Ice as Seen in #yoizineph

Kristine Michelle Santos

Translating Yaoi Content in Indonesia: Safe Spaces for Fujoshi and Fudanshi

Kania Sukotjo

Chair: Ian Campbell

Hacking’ and ‘Futuring’ Cultural Exchanges between Indonesia and Australia: C2O and Frontyard

Luke Bacon

History, Contemporary Art & Cultural Projects: Indonesian and Australian Artists’ Collaboration

Lily Yulianti-Farid

Literary Reflections through Tak ada Peringatan (2013)

Ian Campbell

The Development and Operation of the Indonesian Acquisitions Program

Amelia McKenzie

Chair: Tanya Jakimow

Cracking the Glass Ceiling in Japan: The Constraints posed by Party Organization

Alisa Gaunder

Muslim Women's Leadership in Grassroots Organizing: Lessons from Hyderabad, India

Amy Piedalue

Political Personas of Asia's Women Leaders and their Failure to Represent the Women they Led

Ramona Vijeyarasa

Women's Role in Contemporary Confucian Society: Leaders or Working Class

Larisa Zabrovskaia

Chair: Nick Cheesman

Camp Galang's Memorials to Victims of Rape: A Commemoration of Suffering in Indonesia

Jemma Purdey

Detention Camps and the Order to Annihilate during the 1965 Indonesian Genocide

Jess Melvin

Reconcentration and the Camp System: The Legacies of the Philippine-American War

Christina Twomey

Torture Centres after the 1965 Coup in Indonesia

Annie Pohlman

Chair: Arjun Subrahmanyan

Confronting Enemies of the Revolution, Consulting Friends of the Revolution

Matthew Woolgar

Cultural Propaganda and Ambitions: The Asia Foundation & Union Press of Hong Kong in Malaya, 1955-59

Wang Mei-Hsiang

Unforgiven: Neutralism in the Lao Civil War as Populist Adventure

Saowapha Viravong

Years of Living Competitively: "Revolution" and the Politics of Sports in Indonesia in the 1960s

Woonkyung Yeo

Chair: Thomas Chase

Children Literature and Enlightenment Education in Late Imperial China: The Poems of Huang Zunxian

Wai-ho Wong

Nationalism and the Korean ‘Other’ Within a Chinese News Translation Community

Thomas Chase

Orientalist Translation of King Vajiravudh as the Post-colonial Movements of the Semi-colonial Siam

Faris Yothasamuth

Particles wa or ga?: What Textbooks Teach You

Hiromi Muranaka-Vuletich

Chair: Laura Dales

A Longitudinal Study of Discourse Quotatives in Japanese Women's Narratives

Lidia Tanaka

Employment and Families: Longitudinal Ethnographic Interviews with Working-class Women, 1989-2016

Kaori Okao Okano

The Value of a Working Life: Social Mobility, Cultural Identity and Motherhood

Wendy Mee

Young Women Writers in Interviews: Self-positioning and Professional Identity

Dwi Noverini Djenar

Chair: Marnie Feneley

Conveyance and Imitation: The Early Stages of Buddhist Transmission along the Maritime Sea Route

Marnie Feneley

Of Goddesses, Queens and Women: A New Study of the Bayon ‘Inner’ Bas-reliefs

Richard Thomas and Rhoda O'Higgins

Revolution and Realism: Buddhist Sculpture in 18th Century Vietnam

Ann Proctor

The Kuthodaw Pagoda in Mandalay and its Marble-stelae Recension of the Pali Buddhist Canon

Mark Allon

Chair: Elly Kent

Beyond Diasporic Trauma: An Intersection between Contemporary Art and Folkloric Practices in Vietnam

Justine Mai Nguyen Xuan Long

Persistent Transnationalism: Peranakan Culture in Contemporary Indonesian Art

Elly Kent

The Perpetual Consideration of Where is Asia?

Mikala Tai

Transnationalism in Asian Art: Biennales and Triennales

Caroline Turner

Chair: Mary Angeline Da-Anoy

Family Context and Jihadism in Indonesia: Dysfunction and Parental Absence

Haula Noor

Gender Dynamics in Cross-Border Marriages between Mainland China and Hong Kong

Tuen Yi Chiu

Masculinities and Early Fatherhood in a Rural Indonesian Context: Young Fathers in North Lombok

Lisa Colquhoun

Romance is a Poor Deal: Marriage, Intimacy and the Unmarried in Contemporary Japan

Laura Dales


Chair: Trent Brown

India's Aspirational Skills Agenda for Employment and Development

Brigid Freeman

Skill India and Rural Development: Challenges and Potentials of Vocational Education in Agriculture

Trent Brown

The Political Economy of Vocational Education: Lessons from China

Terry Woronov

Chair: Marian Baird

As elsewhere, Asia's trade unions have traditionally been a male-dominated preserve even in industries where the majority of workers are women. Many union activists, men and women, are quick to point to women's family responsibilities and other socio-cultural factors when explaining why women are not better represented in leadership positions. While these factors are influential, factors internal to the union movement also contribute to the imbalance. This practitioner panel brings together female trade unionists from different Asian contexts to discuss their personal experience of the challenges of being active in the union movement, the opportunities engagement has brought, and their thoughts on the future shape of unions in their respective countries.

Prihanani Boenadi

Sujata Mody

Aranya Pakapath

Pyo Sandar Soe

Chair: Bob Fisher

Environmental Governance in Cu Lao Cham Marine Protected Area in Vietnam

Ngoc Pham

Knowledge Flows along the Mekong: Participation and Accountability in Hydropower Governance

Ming Li Yong

The Thai Community Forestry Bill Reincarnated: Empowering or Disempowering Communities?

Robert Fisher and Surin Onprom

Wetland Fires and Conservation: A Challenge for the Protected Area Approach

Josephine Gillespie, Nicola Perry and Dan Penny

Chair: Krishna Shrestha

Health Workforce Development since Independence in Timor-Leste

Gwyn Low, Nitin Verma and Daliah Moss

NGO as Text: (Re)production of "Refugee-ness"

Nursyazwani Jamaludin

The Challenge of Atmospheres

Nikolaus Gerold

The INGO-led Development Discourse and its Impact in Nepal: A Decolonising Perspective

Raj Kumar Yadav

Chair: Eve Warburton

Do Incumbent Mayors Perform Better than Newcomers in Elections and Fiscal Policies?

Adrianus Hendrawan

The Senate of Thailand as a Political Stronghold, 1979–1983

Purawich Watanasukh

Understanding the Trajectories and Traits of Think Tanks in East Asia

Patrick Koellner, Xufeng Zhu and Pascal Abb

Chair: Shu Min Yuen

Asianisms in Motion: Japanese Migrants (Re-) encountering Asian Selves in the West and East Pacific

Etsuko Kato

Imagining and Navigating Queer Capital Tokyo: Gender Transition and Rural-Urban Migration in Japan

Shu Min Yuen

Navigating Precarity: A Case Study of Hong Kong Working Holidaymakers

Kin Chung Louis Ho

Chair: Leon Wolff

Comparative Law in and for Japan

Luke Nottage and Beatrice Jaluzot

Prevention of Statelessness in 1984 Japanese Nationality Act and Convention on Rights of Child

Hajime Akiyama

Shifting Fees of Civil Litigation and Lawyers' Fees to Losing Party for Real Justice

Yoko Tamura

The Selective Reception of Uniform Law in Japan and Asia

Souichirou Kozuka

Chair: Xiaoxuan Li

Gendered Labor Migration in Asia: Low-Wage Chinese Female Migrant Workers in Singapore

Wei Yang

Materiality and Myth-making amongst Chinese White-collar Expatriates

Sacha Cody

When Migrant Workers Encounter an Uncertain Future: Transnational Labour Migration in Rural China

Xiaoxuan Li

Chair: Graeme Macrae

Ethnographic Approaches to Rice Security in Indonesia

Graeme Macrae and Thomas Reuter

Food security via a Flex Crop? Volatile Star Anise Commodity Chains in Upland Northern Vietnam

Sarah Turner, Annuska Derks and Hanh Ngo

The Challenges of Small-scale Agribusiness Chains System in Bali

I Made Utama

Village India’s Unresolved Water Crisis: Lessons from Food Security under the Incas, c.1200-1400

Marika Antonia Vicziany and Jaideep Hardikar

Chair: Greg Fealy

Democratic Change, Political Rationality and the Future of Santri Politics in Modern Indonesia

Abdul Chalik

Framing 'Radical' and 'Moderate' Contention: Transnational Islam versus Nahdlatul Ulama in Indonesia

Greg Fealy

Khilafahism in Indonesia: Rowing in Between Moral Panic and Ideological Emptiness

Aris Arif Mundayat

Islam and Malay Ethno-Nationalism in Thailand's 'Deep South' Conflict

Rungrawee Chalermsripinyorat