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Colourful tents at a Thai night market

Panel session 3.1

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Panels for day 3, session 1, 9.00 - 10.20 at the ASAA Conference 2018

Chair: Kam Louie

Lewd Nuns and Dangerous Sex

Cuncun Wu

Regimentation and the Male Other in Xi Murong's Poetry

Mark Stevenson

Rivaling Beard and Eyebrows: Li Qingzhao's Dialogue with a Male World

Ping Wang

Women in the Man's World of War-Visual Propaganda

Louise Edwards

Chair: Josh Stenberg

Diasporic Foodways: Hui and Chinese Muslim Restaurants in Malaysia and Indonesia Today

Wai Weng Hew

Indonesian Wayang Potehi and its Changes in the New Order

Kaori Fushiki

Sindhi Identity and Indonesian Film and Television Industry

Maria Myutel

Singapore Story, Hollywood-style: US Gov't Anti-Communist Films Produced in Singapore and Malaya

Wai Siam Hee

Chair: Roman Rosenbaum

Civil Resistance in Hiroshima: Cultural Activism through Images

Yasuko Claremont

Reimagining the War: The Graphic Art of Kono Fumiyo

Roman Rosenbaum

The Body Political: Kantai Collection Media and World War II Enactment

Rachael Hutchinson

Transformation of 'Jin' from Edo Politics to Pop Culture

Seiko Yasumoto

Chair: Wing-Hin Kam

Historical Development Process of Labour Policy in South Korea: the Acts for Workers’ Combination

Sam Kim

Moral Failure and Financial Crisis in Early Twentieth Century Bangkok

Samson Lim

The Development of Rubber Footwear Industry in Hong Kong and Malaysia in 1950s

Wing Hin Kam

The Middle Class and White Collar Labour Market Transitions, 1986-2014

Sarah Kennedy Bates

Chair: Edward Aspinall

Throughout Southeast Asia, in a range of phenomena often collectively labelled "money politics," political candidates distribute patronage particularistic benefits, including cash, goods, or other rewards via clientelist networks. Sometimes illegal or illicit, other times above-ground and tacitly condoned, such practices deeply affect the quality and character of governance structures, democracy, and national integration. This seminar will introduce a cross-national, multi-method study that is drawing to a close after having traced money politics in five countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Timor-Leste, and Thailand. A number of research outputs have already been produced, ranging from journal articles to edited volumes on particular countries. The panel participants are now in the midst of producing a volume that integrates our cross-national findings. In this panel we will discuss our research findings and methods, and invite input and commentary from participants.

Edward Aspinall

Allen Hicken

Paul Hutchcroft

Meredith Weiss

Chair: Robert Cribb

Comfort Stations and the Forced Detention of Women for Sex in Japanese-occupied Indonesia

Katharine Mcgregor and Paula Hendrikx

Command Responsibility at Prisoner of War Camp Trials

Paul Taucher

The POWs Next Door: Allied Prisoners in Wartime Fukuoka

Sarah Kovner

Town and Camp in the Japanese Empire

Sandra Wilson

Chair: Wayan Jarrah Sastrawan

Historical Practices in the Premodern Indian Ocean World

Wayan Jarrah Sastrawan

Rereading the Texts of a Blind Botanist: Georg Everhard Rumphius and his Intermediaries

Jin Yoo

The Destruction of the World: Indigenous Perspectives on the Dutch Colonial Conquest of Bali

Helen Creese

The Rhetoric of Paintings: Rituals and Balinese Painting in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Peter Worsley

Chair: Chris Gregory

Craft, Cult, and Ethos in India: When Work is Worship

Ken George

Divinizing Crafts, Divinizing Craftsmen: Reflections on the Vishwarkarma of South India

Vijaya Ramaswamy

Family and Relatives: Kinship Alignments and Myths of Vishwakarma

Kirin Narayan

Representations of the Form: Iconographies of the 'Maker of the World'

Mahesh Sharma

Chair: Robbie Peters

M Yifu: One of 'Three Modern Sages' of New Confucianism

Chunmei Pan

Religion and Food on the Silk Road: The Islamic Concept of Toyyiban and Food Safety in China

Saroja Dorairajoo

The Jinsilu in Japan

Jeremy Wood

Chair: Wulandari Dirgantoro

Balinese Visual Symbols & National Identity: A Study of the Practice of the Sanggar Dewata Indonesia

Usha Das

Photography, Race and the Shaping of a Malaysian National Identity

Pauline Gan

Portraits of the Nation: Indonesian Art on the International Stage

Siobhan Campbell

Religion and National Identity in the Works of Norberto Roldan

Luke Chua

Chair: Katrina Moore

Caregiving in Buddhist Temples in East Asia

Katrina Moore

Health and Healing in India: Writing as Approach to Ethnographic Engagement

Ursula Rao

Modernity, Agency and Life Projects in the Trans-Himalayan Region

Jean Michaud

The Paradox of Development: Aspirations for Change and Stasis in a Malay Community

Nicholas Herriman and Monika Winarnita

Chair: Yeow-Tong Chia

Hybridity in the Origins and Development of Higher Education in Modern China

Gang Zheng and Rui Yang

Hybridity in Vietnamese Universities: Vietnamese Traditions and Foreign Influences

Thi Nhai Nguyen, Mai Ngo and Xuan Thu Dang

Hybridity, the Developmental State and Globalization in Singapore's Universities

Yeow-Tong Chia and Hoe Yeong Loke

Interactions between Australian and Asian values and practices via the New Colombo Plan

Ly Tran

Chair: Michael Gillan

International Labour Standards and Institutional Context: The ILO and Myanmar

Nicole Woolf

The ILO and Better Factories Cambodia: A Critical Assessment

Vichhra Mouyly

The ILO as a Development Actor in Southeast Asia

Michele Ford, Michael Gillan and Htwe-Htwe Thein

The ILO's Role in Shaping Private Regulation: The Better Work Program in Indonesia

George Martin Sirait

Chair: Katherine Gibson

Community Economies in Monsoon Asia

Katherine Gibson

Community Economic and Survival Practices amidst Climate Uncertainty in Batanes, the Philippines

Ann Hill and Darlene  Occena-Gutierrez

Living with the Flood: Revisiting Resilience in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Fiona Miller

Surviving Well with Karangetang Volcano: Nutmeg Etiquette and Community Economies in Siau Island

Lisa Law and Mercy Rampengan

Chair: Teresa Hall

How the Social Enterprise Empreza Diak is Reviving Cultural Traditions for Women in Timor-Leste

Ariana Almeida

People-centred Mental Health Care in Timor-Leste

Teresa Hall

The Role of Timor-Leste in Facilitating Portuguese Companies' Access to the ASEAN Market

Maria Alexandra Agostinho Pereira

Chair: Aida Arosoaise

Hindu Nationalism vs Islamic Reformism in post-9/11 India

Juhi Ahuja

Maintaining Racial Domination: Analysing the Language-Game of Chinese Privilege in Singapore

Prashant Waikar and Nursheila Muez

Religion, Citizenship and Neoliberal Governance in Indonesia

Najwa Abdullah

The Sacred and the Profane: The Dehumanisation of the Ahmadiyya in Pakistan and Indonesia

Abdul Basit

Chair: David Hundt

Activism of Koreans in Sydney and the Transnational Politics of 'the Statue of Peace'

Kyounghee Moon

Golf-Playing Koreans in Malaysia

Gaik Cheng Khoo

Korean Australian Adoptees' Experiences of Dis/connection

Jessica Walton

Looking for a Voice? The Choices of Second Generation Koreans in Australia

David Hundt

Chair: Arum Budiastuti

Advancing Gender Justice in Indonesian Religious Courts after Supreme Court Regulation 3/2017

Lena Hanifah

Internet Content Regulations in Indonesia: Actors, Network and Contestation

Indriaswati Saptaningrum

Sentencing Laws in Indonesian Terrorism Prosecutions

Milda Istiqomah

The Emergence and (Re)definition of Halal in Indonesian Food Law

Arum Budiastuti

Chair: Jingdong Yuan

"United We Stand": Why Southeast Asian States Stayed in ASEAN after the Cold War

Ka Shing Kalvin Fung

History, Memory and the United States-Thailand Alliance

Greg Raymond and John Blaxland

Understanding China's Energy Security Strategy in the Age of Unconventional Oil and Gas Revolution

Juan Chen

Chair: Jocelyn Chey

Animalscapes and the Condition of Existence in Post-Socialist Chinese Literature and Cinema

Winnie L M Yee

Anthropocentrism of Japan’s Postmodern Animals

Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto

Ecogovernmentality: Managing Large-mouth Bass Population as Invasive Species in South Korea

Gowoon Noh

Mediating Culture in the Anthropocene: Animals in Contemporary Chinese Art Installations

Kiu-wai Chu

Chair: Diana Contreras Suarez

A Questionable Success: Disability Politics in Indonesia

Thushara Dibley

Disabled People's Organisations as Resources to Schools: Leadership and Partnership for Changing Policy and Attitudes

Kate Finch, Reny Indrawati, Nurul Andriani and Setia Purwanta

From Charity to Rights Based: Questioning the Paradigm Shift in Indonesia's Disability Policy

Antoni Tsaputra

Indonesian DPOs in Local Level Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction

Pradytia Pertiwi, Gwynnyth Llewellyn and Michelle Villeneuve