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Kopernik X Navicula

Music and technology for change

Rock your way to social and environmental change with Kopernik and Navicula on Friday 1 December at the University of Sydney.

Join Ewa Wojkowska, co-founder and COO of the global social change-focused non-profit organisation, Kopernik, and the 'Green Grunge Gentlemen' from Bali, rock band Navicula, for a discussion on the transformational power of music and technology in addressing social and environmental issues in Indonesia. 

When: 5 - 8pm, Friday 1 December 2017

Where: Law Foyer, Law Building, University of Sydney, Camperdown


A panel discussion on ideas and music as a catalyst for change will be followed by a live acoustic set by Navicula. Light refreshments will be served during the event. 

This event is co-sponsored by the Australia-Indonesia Institute, Wot Cross-culture, Arimba Culture Exchange, the Department of Indonesian Studies University of Sydney, the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre and Australia-Indonesia Youth Association.


Kopernik is a non-profit organisation headquartered in Indonesia that distributes low-cost technologies to recipients in developing countries using crowdfunding. 


Navicula was formed in Bali in 1996. Their music has a grunge rock undertone, but is combined with many other genres of sound, such as ethnic, folk, psychedelic, punk, alternative, funk, blues, and straightforward rock. Navicula are known as “the Green Grunge Gentlemen”. Since the formation of the band back in the 90’s, environmental and social issues have been a consistent theme in Navicula’s music. Living in Bali, the band often finds inspiration in nature, and seeing the environmental changes happening in Bali and the world, this inspires many of the topics of their songs. They continue to support social and environmental campaigns in Indonesia and around the world.