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Members in the media

Some highlights of our latest news coverage and commentary

Our members are frequently cited in the media to comment on the big challenges facing Southeast Asia.

Media mentions

Al Jazeera quoted Dr Aaron Opdyke in an article about the proposed relocation of Indonesia’s capital.

ABC Religion & Ethics published an op-ed by Dr Shawna Tang about why the Lunar New Year can be an especially difficult time for Chinese queers.

ABC Online and 3AW interviewed Dr Natali Pearson about the Australian National Maritime Museum's (ANMM) controversial announcement that it has found the HMB Endeavour

ABC Online quoted Dr Jonathon Hutchinson about how social media can be used to build online communities.

The Sydney Morning Herald interviewed Dr Natali Pearson about the 80th anniversary of HMAS Perth, and how the wreck is as much a part of Indonesia's history as Australia's.

New Mandala published a piece by Jennifer Yang, an Honours student specialising in Art History, reflecting on the artistic practices of Chinese-Indonesian women artists in the 20th century.

New Mandala published a piece by Dr Natali Pearson reflecting on the 80th anniversary of HMAS Perth (I)'s sinking off Banten in Indonesia, the future of the wreck's preservation, and the role the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia has to play.

VOD published an opinion piece by Professor Daniel Tan arguing that we need to ramp up agricultural innovation in the face of worsening climate change and the ongoing impacts of Covid-19.

The Sydney Morning Herald published an opinion piece by Dr Susan Banki arguing that the Australian Government's response to the war in Ukraine shows the potential of what could be done in response to the ongoing crisis in Myanmar.

The Monthly published a piece by Dr Sophie Chao exposing the pyschological trauma caused to West Papuan communities by palm oil production.

Dr Aim Sinpeng was cited in an ABC News article about how the Filipino community across Australia has experienced the recent elections in the Philippines. 

  • January:

The Southeast Asia Globe cited Dr Sophie Chao about Indonesia increasing its military presence and crack down on independence activists in West Papua.

Asian Currents featured an interview with Dr Sophie Chao about the John Legge Prize that she was awarded in 2020 for her PhD thesis investigating how Indigenous Marind communities in the Indonesian-controlled region of West Papua experience, conceptualize, and contest the adverse social and environmental impacts of large-scale deforestation and monocrop oil palm expansion. 

East Asia Forum and the Daily Asian Age published an opinion piece by Mr Kihong Mun – PhD candidate from the School of Social and Political Sciences – about how democracy in Myanmar is still under threat. 

  • February:

ABC Radio, SBS News and ABC Online interviewed Dr Susan Banki about the far-reaching impacts of the current Myanmar coup. Channel News Asia also interviewed Professor Jean Bogais about the political situation in Myanmar.

  • March:

The Sydney Morning Herald published an article by Dr Susan Banki about the protests in Myanmar and the country’s political-minded and globally-connected youth.  

The Conversation published an article by Dr Susan Banki about the protests in Myanmar and how protestors are using social media to broadcast military abuses.

ABC News (TV) interviewed Dr Susan Banki about the ongoing protests and political turmoil in Myanmar.

East Asia Forum published a piece by Dr Sandra Seno-Alday about how Laos is overcoming its geographic handicaps by proactively participating in regional economic integration and embracing technology.

  • April:

ABC Online quoted Dr Ser Wei (Shawna) Tang about how Asian women are often subject to sexism and racism on online dating apps.

BBC News and Daily Magazine quoted Dr Sophie Chao in an article on SpaceX’s plans to build a launch site on an island in West Papua, Indonesia.

  • May:

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Dr Nguyen Thu Anh about Vietnam’s successful management of COVID-19 and news the country plans to develop its own COVID-19 vaccines.

The Conversation published an article by Research Associate Sophie Chao about Elon Musk’s proposed base for a SpaceX project and why it will threaten land and livelihoods in Biak, Papua.

  • July:

The Jakarta Post published an op-ed by Dr Natali Pearson about Indonesia's underwater cultural heritage management policies.

China Daily published an article citing Dr Sandra Seno-Alday about a new railway connecting Laos with China, and how this new infrastructure project will play a crucial role in improving the country's connectivity and aid its economic recovery after the pandemic.

New Internationalist published an article citing Dr Sophie Chao about the humanitarian crisis in West Papua, and the struggle for self-determination. 

Australian Financial Review quoted Dr Russell Toth on the impact of the coup on Myanmar’s economy.

  • August:

ABC Between the Lines interviewed Professor Michele Ford about how the epicentre of COVID has shifted from India to Southeast Asia, with Indonesia now recording the highest number of new infections.

ABC Late Night Live interviewed Dr Aim Sinpeng about the role that COVID-19 and Facebook have had on ongoing unrest in Thailand.

Al Jazeera (syndicated internationally) spoke to Dr Thu Anh Nguyen about COVID-19 surges in Southeast Asia and difficulties vaccinating people.

  • September:

The Conversation published an article co-authored by Dr Thushara Dibley, Associate Professor Amanda Howard and Dr Aaron Opdyke about why involving people with disability in preparing for disasters leads to better outcomes.

ABC Radio National (Counterpoint) interviewed Dr Wayan Jarrah Sastrawan about the origins of words in Southeast Asia and what they tell us about human-animal relations.

CTV News quoted Associate Professor Dan Penny about his research into ancient cities and climate change.

Tom Power appeared on the ABC Four Corners episode which investigated international ownership of A-League soccer teams, and issues relating to political corruption and football associations in Indonesia.

  • October:

New Mandala published a piece by Dr Alex Burchmore about the salvaging of underwater shipwrecks and their precious cargoes of blue-white porcelain in Southeast Asian waters.

  • November:

The Sydney Morning Herald published a feature story reflecting on changing attitudes towards menstruation, which mentioned research on the intersection of menstruation and labour laws in Southeast Asia conducted by Professor Marian Baird and Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill.

Inside Indonesia published an article by Professor Budiman Minasny and Dr Josh Stenberg on the Jewish community in Sumatra, Indonesia in the colonial period.

  • December:

China Daily and China Daily Hong Kong reported on the COVID-19 challenges faced by Cambodia and quoted Associate Professor Daniel Tan, Cambodia country coordinator for the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, saying cases showed no country can afford to be complacent.

Time Magazine quoted Dr Sophie Chao about the pro-independence movement in West Papua, Indonesia, and how the Black Lives Matter racial justice campaign might influence politics on the ground.    
  • November:

MSN News quoted Dr Aim Sinpeng about pressure on Thai anti-government protester Rung. This was also published on ABC Online.

The Land reported on feed stock research by Emeritus Professor Peter Windsor being carried out in Laos designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ABC News interviewed Dr Aim Sinpeng about the student-led rallies against the government and monarchy in Thailand.

  • October:

The Jakarta Post (Indonesia) and The Star (Malaysia) quoted Dr Sandra Seno-Alday about the impact of COVID-19 travel restrictions on Thailand’s tourism sector.

The Jakarta Post interviewed Dr Sandra Seno-Alday about tourism in Thailand and how the pandemic has devastated the sector.

The Padang Tribune (in Bahasa Indonesia) quoted Professor Hans Pols about the history of epidemics in Indonesia and around the world. and Kompasiana (in Bahasa Indonesia) quoted Professor Hans Pols about the history of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI).   

Science Times reported Professor Thomas Maschmeyer being awarded to 2020 Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation in recognition of his work translating research into two pioneering commercial technologies.

Nikkei Asia interviewed Associate Professor Navneet Dhand for an article about Cambodia introducing bans on human consumption of dog meat and zoonotic disease risks in Southeast Asia.   

Snapchat published a report exploring how relationships evolve across distances and through major life events, as well as the vital role digital communication plays in cultivating and sustaining friendships, that Associate Professor Novi Djenar contributed to.    
  • September:

The Conversation published an article co-written by Associate Professor Jeff Neilson about Indonesia's coffee industry. The article is also available in Bahasa Indonesia.   

The East Asia Forum published a piece by Dr Sandra Seno-Alday about the economic impact of COVID-19 on Southeast Asia.

Barron’s quoted Professor Adrian Vickers about the economic impact of the pandemic on Bali, Indonesia.

Vet Practice Magazine featured Associate Professor Navneet Dhand's work on zoonotic diseases in the Asia-Pacific. Associate Professor Dhand's work is funded by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Talking Indonesia interviewed Dr Elisabeth Kramer about the state of Australia-Indonesia public diplomacy in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and funding cuts.

ABC News quoted Associate Professor Jeff Neilson about Indonesia's economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The East Asia Forum published a piece by Dr Aim Sinpeng, co-authored with Assistant Professor Janjira Sombatpoonsiri from Chulalongkorn University, about the Free Youth Movement protests in Thailand.   

The Australian Institute of International Affairs published an analysis by Dr Gavin Butler of Thailand's anti-government protests.

Bangkok Jack quoted Dr Aim Sinpeng about why Voldemort has become a symbol of anti-monarchy protests in Thailand.

NOVA| PBS interviewed Associate Professor Novi Djenar on the interactional functions of emoji.   

  • August:
The BBC quoted Dr Justin Beardsley about COVID-19 in Vietnam.
The Conversation published an article co-written by Dr Sophie Chao and Fidelis Eka Satriastanti about Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia struggling for equality. The article is also available in Bahasa Indonesia.
ABC Radio National interviewed Dr Aim Sinpeng about the movement of young people in Thailand following the 2019 election, who felt that their voices were not being heard and are pushing for a constitution to make their votes count in parliamentary representation.
ABC Radio National interviewed Dr Aim Sinpeng about the youth-led protests for constitutional changes in Thailand.
Haaretz quoted Dr Sophie Chao about the struggles faced by Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia.
Tempo Magazine cited Professor Hans Pols' work on the history of healthcare in Indonesia in their special edition on revolutionary doctors in celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day.
The Guardian quoted Dr Aim Sinpeng about the youth-led protests for constitutional changes in Thailand.
The Land quoted Professor Budiman Minasny about a world-first platform he has developed to monitor rice fields globally in real-time.
New Mandala published an article by Dr Thushara Dibley (co-authored with Dr Antoni Tsaputra) about the new Indonesian National Disability Commission.
SBS News interviewed Dr Aim Sinpeng about discontent in Thailand around the monarchy.
Thai Data Points published a piece dy Dr Aim Sinpeng about the Thai Free Youth protests.
  • July:

Channel News Asia published an opinion piece about COVID-19 worsening gender equality in Asia by Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill and Professor Marian Baird.  

ABC Radio National interviewed Associate Professor Navneet Dhand about a United Nations warning the likelihood of more pandemics with greater frequency and his DFAT-funded program to train animal health workers in Southeast Asia to help prevent another zoonotic disease pandemic, such as coronavirus.
Mongabay published a commentary by Dr Sophie Chao exploring how agribusiness expansion in West Papua, Indonesia has brought about hunger and severed a deep cultural connection between the indigenous Marind people and the natural world.
VICE quoted Associate Professor Aim Sinpeng about causal factors for the anti-government protests in Thailand; the largest since the 2014 coup.
ABC Radio Sydney interviewed Associate Professor Navneet Dhand about his work on preventing the emergence of zoonotic diseases and how to ‘stop the next pandemic’.
Kompas published an article (in Bahasa Indonesia) about mental health in Indonesia, featuring some of Professor Hans Pols' work.
ABC News published an article (in Bahasa Indonesia) about Dr Sophie Chao's work on the palm oil industry in West Papua and her being awarded the John Legge Prize for Best Thesis in Asian Studies.
  • June:

The NZ Herald reported on research led by Associate Professor Daniel Tan and Dr Petr Matous and Junjian Zhang about the role of social network brokers in the adoption of innovative farming practices in North-western Cambodia.

Inside Indonesia published an article by SSEAC Postdoctoral Research Associate Dr Sophie Chao about how the Black Lives Matter movement has become a powerful rallying call for Indigenous West Papuans.
Inside Indonesia published an essay by Dr Josh Stenberg about celebrating Imlek, a celebration of Chinese New Year in Indonesia.
  • May:

Tempo Magazine interviewed Professor Hans Pols as part of a 12-page special on pandemics.

Swiss Radio (Radio Tele Suisseinterviewed Associate Professor Navneet Dhand, from the School of Veterinary Science, about his DFAT-funded program to train animal health workers in Southeast Asia to help prevent another zoonotic disease pandemic, such as coronavirus.

  • April:

The Financial Review quoted Professor Adrian Vickers about fears of social unrest in Indonesia due to COVID-19

New Mandala published an article by Associate Professor Jeffrey Neilson about the risk of political instability in Indonesia due to the lack of social safety nets.   

The Guardian interviewed Dr Sophie Chao about the disappearance of the sago palm that is causing heartbreak for the indigenous Marind people of West Papua, Indonesia.

ABC News reported on work by Associate Professor Navneet Dhand and Associate Professor Jenny-Ann Toribio to prevent the next pandemic, by training animal workers in Southeast Asia to better identify sick animals and become ‘disease detectives’.  

The Age (syndicated across Nine Publishing), The AustralianThe Land and The Daily Telegraph (syndicated across regional News Corp), and Web MSN Australia also covered this story, quoting Associate Professors Dhand and Toribio.

The TelegraphYahoo! India and others republished an AAP piece that quoted Assistant Professor Aim Sinpeng about how some governments are using COVID-19 to silence their critics.

The Bristol Herald CourierThe Eagle and The Journal Times syndicated an article by CNN that mentioned comments by Dr Petr Matous about how wet markets play an important role in food security for many low-income communities.

  • February:

Jakarta Post (Indonesia) quoted Dr Josh Stenberg about Chinese glove puppetry in Indonesia.

Australian Financial Review quoted Professor Adrian Vickers about Australia’s relationship with Indonesia.

Talking Indonesia interviewed Dr Josh Stenberg about Chinese Indonesian performing arts.

  • January:

The Conversation published an article by Annie Yuan Cih Wu, PhD Candidate in the School of Geosciences, about how Australia’s seasonal worker program increases the marriage rate in East Timor.

New Mandala published an opinion piece by Dr Natali Pearson about the relationship between cultural heritage and human rights in Myanmar.

The Conversation published an article by Emma Kluge, PhD Candidate in the Department of History, about West Papua’s campaign for independence. The article was also published in Indonesian.

Sapiens published a piece by Dr Sophie Chao about how a company’s appropriation of an Indigenous ritual in West Papua, Indonesia.