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AVBS4015: Research Project A

The AVBS Research Projects program is composed of 24 credit points and consists of units AVBS4015, AVBS4016, AVBS4017 and AVBS4018. The units need to be taken in chronological order, commencing with enrolment in unit AVBS4015, which must be completed in a semester prior to unit AVBS4018. All four units are connected to the overall completion of the research project. Prior to start of this unit of study, students after consultation with an academic(s) and/or researcher(s) choose an area of research interest and this will form the basis of the entire Research Project A program (24 credit points in total). In unit AVBS4015 students will be required to undertake assessment tasks and conduct research activities. At the end of this Unit of Study, students will: Identify a research area, define a problem that impacts on animals and analyse this problem using information from various sources; critically evaluate current research (experimental design, statistical analysis, technical limitations) and identify where the present knowledge limiting for the chosen research topic; assimilate and manage information from within and across disciples to provide new concepts or understanding in the area of research; become familiar with scientific principles of research and the ethical use of animals in research; undertake research related to the project; meet set assessment tasks designed to develop written and oral presentation skills; apply the range of interpersonal skills necessary to work with peers and other researchers; meet deadlines and maintain accurate records related to the project.

Code AVBS4015
Academic unit Life and Environmental Sciences Academic Operations
Credit points 6
AVBS4013 or AVBS4014
Assumed knowledge:
For students in the Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience: completion of years 1-3, a second/third year WAM commensurate with obtaining honours and approval of the faculty to enrol. For students in the Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours): completion of a relevant major, completion of a second major or minor (minor to be converted to a major during the student's final year), WAM of at least 65 and approval of the faculty

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Source, collate, synthesise and critically evaluate information from a range of relevant sources and identify knowledge gaps for investigation.
  • LO2. Develop a research question with creativity and lateral thinking.
  • LO3. Use appropriate methodologies to design experiments, and collect and analyse data to investigate a research question.
  • LO4. Demonstrate a command of relevant disciplinary conceptual and theoretical frameworks.
  • LO5. Communicate research methodologies and findings in written and oral form for a scientific audience.
  • LO6. Produce independent research which is an original contribution to the discipline.
  • LO7. Define the scope of their research project and effectively identify, manage and respond to challenges in research direction, and develop resilience and display intellectual growth.
  • LO8. Act with integrity in their research practice and professional relationships, working within established ethical and regulatory frameworks.
  • LO9. Establish collaborative and professional rapport with other students and staff.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.