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Unit of study_

BAEN1001: Design in Architecture

This unit of study will give the student an understanding of the design for a small scale building in an urban context. It teaches the foundations for an interdisciplinary design process between the fields of architecture, architectural science, and urban planning. Architectural aspects including typology, scale, proportion, structure, program and materiality are investigated. Students learn the complexities of architectural design, from concepts, ideas and design models to applied aspects including programmatic, structural, material requirements, limitations of a particular site, or city conditions. The unit equips students with conceptual tools and design skills from analogue modelling and graphic representation to digital drafting, rendering and fabrication, and verbal and written communication. On the successful completion of this unit of study, students will have demonstrated: an understanding of the architectural design process; an understanding for a small scale architecture project; and an ability to express concepts and designs creatively, clearly and cohesively across a range of representation media.

Code BAEN1001
Academic unit Architecture
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. use information effectively and create new knowledge and understanding through representational, analytical, and verbal skills
  • LO2. use, engage with, and draw upon extensive technical knowledge and skills effectively, efficiently and professionally across a range of contexts and disciplines
  • LO3. recognise and value communication as a tool for negotiating and creating new understanding, interacting with others, and furthering their own learning
  • LO4. critically and creatively design, innovate and solve problems using diverse skills and knowledge in a range of contexts
  • LO5. critically and contextually draw upon an extensive body of historical, theoretical, social, and political knowledge when thinking through ideas and issues.