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Unit of study_

CHNS1101: Chinese 1A (For Beginners)

This unit is an introduction to basic communication skills in Modern Standard Chinese for beginners. Foundation work on pronunciation, pinyin romanisation, elementary grammar and the Chinese writing system will be followed by conversational drills, comprehension, reading and writing practice in Classwork and homework.

Code CHNS1101
Academic unit Chinese Studies
Credit points 6
Recommended Co-requisites: CHNS1601
Chinese native speakers or HSC Chinese Beginners or HSC Chinese Continuers or HSC Chinese in Context or HSC Chinese and Literature or CHNS2001 or CHNS2002 or CHNS3000 or CHNS3001

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. master the pronunciation of modern standard Chinese, including the tones (Pinyin romanisation system)
  • LO2. understand the basic structure of the Chinese writing system
  • LO3. understand the basic structure of the grammar of modern standard Chinese
  • LO4. communicate in Chinese in a variety of everyday situations (listening and speaking)
  • LO5. read and write approximately 100 simplified Chinese characters and related vocabulary
  • LO6. use basic Chinese vocabulary and grammar structures to write short paragraphs
  • LO7. demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and customs
  • LO8. demonstrate an insight into, and display interest in, Chinese studies.