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Unit of study_

DESA3011: Introduction to Building Construction

This unit provides a comprehensive overview of standard domestic scaled construction in Australia. It begins by introducing a number of recurrent themes in construction including the idea of building culture, the various modes of delivery and variety of classifications of buildings and building elements, rational construction and construction detailing from first principles. There follows a review of construction techniques of well-documented and/or accessible exemplars. Finally, the unit will review current issues related to key attributes of buildings which make them sustainable, particularly with regard to material selection, appropriate detailing and energy and resources conservation.

Code DESA3011
Academic unit Architecture
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Identify Australian domestic scaled building types and typologies.
  • LO2. Critically analyse case study examples and report on their typology, materials, construction and details.
  • LO3. Correctly detail a range of building assemblies, being able to understand construction process, methods, tools, etc.
  • LO4. Correctly represent technical drawings at an appropriate scale to document a building’s assembly at a detail level.
  • LO5. Understand that technical and construction considerations can both derive from and enhance architectural concepts.