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ICLS2633: Cities of the World

The city is a diverse and controversial theme in world literature. It touches upon past and present, alienation and fulfillment, luxury and poverty, success and failure, anonymity and fame. There are modern and old cities, cosmopolitan and holy cities. By examining how the cultural and historical transformation of urban living has been approached by writers of different cultural and national backgrounds, this unit of study offers a journey to different geographic locations but also a journey through time.

Code ICLS2633
Academic unit International Comparative Literature and Translation Studies
Credit points 6
12 credit points at 1000 level from ICLS or English or 12 credit points at 1000, 2000 or 3000 level from Arabic Language and Cultures or Chinese Studies or French and Francophone Studies or Germanic Studies or Modern Hebrew or Indonesian Studies or Italian Studies or Japanese Studies or Korean Studies or Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies or Spanish and Latin American Studies

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Learn about the historical development and inner life of Great Cities
  • LO2. Develop a sense of cultural continuity between past and present
  • LO3. Develop skills to analyse literary, documentary and visual texts referring to city-life.
  • LO4. Explore the continuum between communities and the same urban space.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.

There are no unit outlines available online for the current year.