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Unit of study_

INGS3603: Conflict and Its Consequences

The last century's conflicts have continued into the present. Beginning with the events of 9/11, we analyse the important conflicts of the last century: World War II and the Cold War. We will examine conflicts in Asia and Latin America, intra-communist conflicts, insurgencies, drug wars, religious wars and genocidal struggles and their consequences.

Code INGS3603
Academic unit Languages and Cultures
Credit points 6
18 credit points at 2000 level in Global Studies

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate understanding of the role of conflicts in making up the present world order
  • LO2. identify linkages between conflicts and issues of causality
  • LO3. identify the roles of actors in creating or resolving conflicts
  • LO4. analyse the consequences of major conflicts
  • LO5. design research questions and carry out research based on those questions
  • LO6. analyse information from a variety of textual, visual and other sources
  • LO7. demonstrate competency in synthesising different views and sources.