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JCTC1004: Judaism: A History

This unit explores the development of Judaism's foundational beliefs, rituals and traditions through its core texts - classical, medieval and modern. Tracing the evolution of Judaism from its roots in the ancient Near East to the diversity of its modern incarnations, it provides a window into the intellectual, ethical and cultural traditions that have shaped the oldest of the three monotheistic religions.

Code JCTC1004
Academic unit Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate a foundational knowledge of Jewish religion and practice
  • LO2. demonstrate a preliminary understanding of the enduring themes of Jewish history such as the Diasporic experiences of acculturation, assimilation and integration
  • LO3. demonstrate through the use of appropriate conceptual vocabulary, an understanding of the historical, cultural and sociopolitical complexities involved in the study of Jewish civilisation, thought and culture
  • LO4. demonstrate familiarity with inter-disciplinary approaches to the study of Jewish civilisation, thought and culture, and the ability to apply them in the effective and ethical communication of their knowledge
  • LO5. demonstrate a capacity to use online resources, including library resources, databases and web searches, to obtain and assess information, and to demonstrate an understanding of the difference between primary and secondary sources, and scholarly and non-scholarly sources
  • LO6. demonstrate basic skills in critical analysis of scholarly literature, essay writing and appropriate scholarly referencing style.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.