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Unit of study_

NURS5043: Understand Health and Managing Disease

This unit of study will further develop students’ understanding of normal physiology and pathophysiology in relation to various body systems. The impact of pathophysiological changes on normal biomedical values and their relation to nursing observation and monitoring will be further examined. This unit of study also aims to develop students’ understanding of what is required for the optimal management of common disease states through the appropriate use of pharmacotherapeutic agents. Learning about the appropriate use of pharmacotherapeutic agents will extend students’ understanding of the practice of evidence-based medicine and nursing practice.

Code NURS5043
Academic unit Pharmacy
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. describe normal anatomy and physiological function within the body
  • LO2. describe pathogenic processes within the human body, and their expression as observable alterations to normal anatomy/physiological function
  • LO3. synthesise, integrate, and apply foundational human bioscience knowledge to specific contexts and situations in health
  • LO4. find and critically evaluate evidence-based drug information with respect to quality and relevance for informing decision making in nursing practice
  • LO5. apply and integrate evidence-based pharmacotherapy knowledge to complex patients in order to optimise quality use of medicines
  • LO6. discuss the clinical governance, legal and professional requirements associated with the use of pharmacotherapy in nursing practice
  • LO7. apply the 'faculty framework for practice' to support the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills necessary to optimise medication management within nursing practice
  • LO8. adopt an ethical, social, and professional ethos in relation to the use of pharmacological therapies in health.