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NURS6018: Care and Chronic Conditions

This unit of study addresses nursing practices designed to meet the needs of individuals and families who are either living with a chronic condition or caring for a person with a chronic condition. Chronic conditions may impact diverse aspects of a person’s physical, psychological, emotional, social, economic and spiritual health. The complexities of chronic health will be investigated using examples of common chronic health conditions that people experience across the lifespan. An emphasis is placed on a holistic approach to nursing care, irrespective of the health setting. Continuity of care provision between hospital and community is emphasised. Non modifiable and modifiable risk factors that contribute to the development of chronic conditions are identified. Social determinant factors and how these facilitate and inhibit a person from self-managing their chronic condition are explored. The dynamics of self-management and how nurses collaborate with persons, as partners in care to encourage autonomous decisions, is investigated. The importance of community engagement in addressing issues associated with chronic conditions as well as persons who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander will be studied. Nursing skills and knowledge relevant to palliative care will be addressed, including symptom management and psychosocial care required to facilitate a peaceful and dignified death.

Code NURS6018
Academic unit Nursing and Midwifery
Credit points 6
NURS5084 and NURS5085 and NURS5043

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Integrate and critically apply knowledge of common chronic conditions across the lifespan including risk factors, nursing management and self-management.
  • LO2. Apply and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the principles of health promotion and tertiary prevention to encourage independence and quality of life for persons living with a chronic condition through to management and care of the person at end of life.
  • LO3. Critically evaluate how social determinant of health factors impact on the individual to manage the chronic condition and the potential for healthy ageing.
  • LO4. Collaborate with persons from diverse social and cultural groups including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, to identify goals and plan strategies to assist individual’s living with chronic conditions after consideration of the person’s health beliefs, values, and evaluate interventions once implemented to appraise outcomes.
  • LO5. Communicate effectively with patients, families, colleagues, and other health-care professionals within an interdisciplinary team.
  • LO6. Search, locate and critically analyse research-based evidence supporting the processes of nursing care of chronic conditions and end of life care.
  • LO7. Critically examine assessment of individuals experiencing exacerbations of chronic conditions, identifying problems, prioritising needs, and evaluating interventions.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.