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OLET1504: Health Challenges: Diabetes

This Open Learning Environment unit of study is designed to introduce you to the chronic disease Diabetes, that, for a patient, is difficult to manage and for society is associated with huge costs. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about diabetes. To conquer the disease, in all its forms, we need informed debate and long-term strategies. This unit explains the biological basis of diabetes and defines the fundamentally distinct forms of the disease. It looks at the history of our understanding of the disease and critically assesses current treatments and potential new approaches to prevention and cure.

Code OLET1504
Academic unit Department of Medical Sciences
Credit points 2

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. describe to their peers key concepts in the biology of diabetes, current and future treatments and the history and sociology of the disease
  • LO2. demonstrate assimilation of their knowledge in verbal and written forms
  • LO3. create a short video, about your area of interest in diabetes, for a non-specialist audience.