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Unit of study_

PMGT5877: Management of Project Organisations

This course examines the challenges and approaches of managing project-oriented organisations. These could be independent business units or divisions within a larger corporation. Examples are construction contractors, ICT services, RandD units and many internal business units that concurrently undertake multiple projects. Today, more organisations are adopting project management as a management strategy to provide effective and timely solutions to clients. They are adapting organisational architectures to support both 'business as usual' and the multiple projects that are increasingly important to the organisation. Focus is on the relationship between project management and the following: organisational culture, structure, processes, cross-functional teams, project governance, performance management, organisational learning, change and knowledge management. The assessment comprises of a case study team assignment, quizzes and online discussions.

Code PMGT5877
Academic unit Project Management
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Communicate complex ideas and concepts in a succinct, coherent and comprehensible manner to multiple stakeholders
  • LO2. Create a shared understanding of project goals, requirements and outcomes amongst team members through effective communication strategies and listening skills
  • LO3. Use different mediums to communicate ideas across a project organisation.
  • LO4. Apply knowledge of the basic forms of organisational structures and the schools of thought in organisational design
  • LO5. Describe the concept of organisational culture, strategy, control, learning and politics; and relate to project organisations.
  • LO6. Understand the challenges of managing projects within a complex organisation and apply organisational theory to analysing project organisations
  • LO7. Explain how to use projects as vehicles for implementing strategy; the importance and challenges of realising business benefits and creating value in project organisations
  • LO8. Describe the functions and potential effects of PMOs, project governance systems, project sponsors and the development of project managers in project organisations.
  • LO9. Analyse the benefits and challenges of becoming an ambidextrous project organisation.
  • LO10. Evaluate the challenges and approaches to managing organisational change and plan the implementation of change to a project oriented organisation.