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Unit of study_

PSYC6087: Advanced Models and Seminars

This unit is designed to provide students with advanced level training in psychotherapeutic approaches. It serves to build on foundations skills and prepare students to respond to more complex presentations, using multiple models, short and longer term solutions and practices that can extend beyond the individual. This unit includes practices with are conducted in family and/or community settings and develops an awareness of the importance of peer knowledge and lived experience. Students will also develop an awareness of social and emotional well-being as a framework for working respectfully with First Nations peoples.

Code PSYC6087
Academic unit Psychology Academic Operations
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. conduct assessment, formulation and treatment based on an integration of models of therapy selected for the specific needs of individual cases including severe, chronic and complex mental disorders
  • LO2. apply advanced knowledge of psychopathology to the development of interventions for the treatment of severe, complex or chronic adult presentations, including those requiring medium to long term intervention
  • LO3. recognize when it is appropriate to refer clients to specialist treatment
  • LO4. develop skills in systemic approaches to family therapy, including assessment and intervention
  • LO5. develop skills applicable to community-based approaches to mental health, including those with are culturally responsive and ecologically-oriented
  • LO6. include social determinants of mental health in community-based formulations, including poverty, racism and other forms of marginalization