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SCWK6048: Environmental Change for Social Justice

Global warming is recognised as an outstanding threat for human societies (World Bank, 2012). The links between the environment, human rights and social justice are widely recognised. The International Federation of Social Work's Policy Statement on Globalisation and the Environment and the AASW's Code of Ethics identify social work as a key player in efforts to address climate change. This unit recognises the importance of preparing students to: have an understanding of the impact of climate change; to develop skills to prevent further environmental degradation; and to respond to individuals and communities most impacted by climate change.

Code SCWK6048
Academic unit Social Work
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. examine concepts of sustainability, stewardship, environmental connection and protection with regard to environmental social work and the impact of climate change on outcomes for people, particularly marginalised groups
  • LO2. demonstrate knowledge and understanding the impact of climate change on people and society in general, and on particular groups of people who may be marginalised due to systemic oppression related to patriarchal social systems, colonisation, globalisation
  • LO3. develop an understanding and knowledge of the specific and diverse needs of people impacted by environmental disaster, including through displacement and trauma, and to develop ways in which to address these particular needs
  • LO4. identify and evaluate a range of strategies (from the individual, community, cultural) to prevent further environmental degradation and to respond to current impacts of climate change
  • LO5. analyse and reflect on a range of local, national and international efforts to address climate change
  • LO6. demonstrate an understanding of the importance of collaborating with other key stakeholders in order to build successful alliances in order to address the impact of climate change.

Unit outlines

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