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Unlearn threat

robot and human shaking hands


Sci-fi films have made some of us cautious of robots. We fear they’re on the edge of rebellion, machines that could turn on their masters at any moment.

But what if artificial intelligence is the key to a better future for humankind? Instead of killing our old jobs, could robots create new ones?

Researchers such as Professor Dacheng Tao from our new UBTECH Sydney Artificial Intelligence Centre are exploring the challenges and possibilities of intelligent machines. They’re investigating the use of “multi-view” learning by robotic sensors to improve driverless car safety.

Meanwhile, Dr Michael Harre is looking at how decision making in the workplace can be turned on its head by applying an artificial intelligence approach to problem solving.

These are just a couple of ways our researchers and students are unlearning. Breaking down biases and questioning what they know – be it a ‘threat from robots’, or an opportunity for technological innovation.

Imagine what could be possible if we all learn to unlearn.

See how we're changing education.

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