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Unlearn truth

unlearn truth


We’ve always put our trust in the news. Today’s technology means news spreads fast, anyone can publish it, and there’s lots of it, which leaves us little time to decipher useful facts from fakes.

But what if the same technology that fools us, could tip us off? Could computers help us filter the truth?

Professor Nick Enfield and his team are fighting the war against deception through the Post Truth Initiative. By bringing together political scientists, academics and researchers to examine legitimacy and fraud, they run public forums on the problems created by scientific fraud and explore why people are convinced by stories, but not by facts.

They’re also building a “Bullshit Detector” – a computer capable of analysing speeches, articles and even tweets to tell if someone is being deceptive.

This is what unlearning is all about. To think critically and challenge the evidence, shake out the charlatans and uncover the untruths.

Imagine what could be possible if we all learn to unlearn.

See how we're changing education.

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