Image of the Quadrangle from the University archives

Heritage and conservation

Our history surrounds us in the form of many buildings

Our campus has a long history that we work to preserve, which includes the maintenance and conservation of our heritage-listed buildings.

The University of Sydney was established as Australia's first tertiary institution in 1850.

By 1859 we had established our Darlington Campus, which today is home to many heritage buildings including the Great Hall, the Anderson Stuart Building (also known as the old medical school), Sydney College of the Arts and the Quadrangle.

Our heritage team works to maintain the heritage nature of our built environment when undertaking repairs, refurbishments or additions to buildings.

To help maintain our history, we conduct the following conservation activities:

  • heritage policy enforcement
  • stonework conservation
  • roof rectification and conservation
  • a heritage advisory service
  • conservation plans
  • heritage awareness promotion and fundraising.

All requirements for heritage conservation and compliance are monitored by Campus Infrastructure Services, who can be contacted by email at

Heritage Asset Management Strategy

The Heritage Asset Management Strategy (HAMS) process was designed by the New South Wales Government's Office of Environment and Heritage and Treasury to help organisations prepare asset management plans for the conservation and management of heritage assets.

Our Heritage Asset Management Strategy (pdf, 2.98MB) guides our conservation and maintenance. Our Section 170 Register, conservation management plans and HAMS are the tools we use to meet the requirements of the NSW Heritage Act 1977. Our HAMS responds to the State Agency Heritage Guide, which requires certain actions under Sections 170 and 170A of the Act.

Plan for grounds conservation management 

Our Grounds Conservation Management Plan (pdf, 14.9MB) is the record of the research and analysis of our built and cultural heritage. Knowing what is significant and why is the basis for preservation, conservation and maintenance of our heritage.

Heritage and conservation documents

We have conservation management plans (pdf, 44.4KB) for numerous buildings on our main campus. The following documents are also available by email – please contact Campus Infrastructure Services on

  • Camperdown and Darlington Campuses: 'The University of Sydney Heritage Fabric Survey'. Otto Cserhalmi and Partners with DPWS Heritage Group, 1999
  • Camperdown and Darlington Campuses: 'Victoria Park Gates Heritage Assessment'. Tanner Architects, 2005