A doctor holds a baby in the Westmead Hospital Birthing Unit

NSW Health requirements

Clearances for staff working at hospitals and clinics

Our work is real, and what we do impacts on the lives of others. If you’ll be working on a NSW Health site, you need to meet certain requirements before starting in the role.

Employment checks

All employees working on a NSW Health site must complete the following checks:

Obtain an Australian National Police Certificate

Apply at a police station or Police NSW National Police Checks Online. Alternatively, you may apply to the Australian Federal Police. There is a charge for both methods and the process can take about three weeks. Note that criminal record checks from private companies cannot be accepted.


Read and sign the NSW Health Code of Conduct

Once you’ve read the NSW Health Code of Conduct (pdf, 148KB), print and sign the declaration at the end (or at Appendix 6 of the NSW Health Policy: Employment Checks – Criminal Record Checks and Working with Children Checks.


Obtain a Working with Children Check

To find out more visit the Office of the Children’s Guardian website.


Refer to Information Sheet 1 Risk Categorisation Guidelines (page 18) of the NSW Health Occupational Assessment, Screening and Vaccination Against Specified Infectious Diseases Policy to verify whether your position falls under Category A or Category B.

Category A Category B

Required to provide evidence of protection against specified infectious diseases and comply with these requirements at your own cost.

Refer to Information Sheet 2 Checklist: Evidence required from Category A applicants (page 19).

Vaccination Record Card signed by your GP can be used to record vaccinations.

Does not require protection against the specified infectious diseases as level of risk is no greater than that of the general community.

If you are unsure about the category of the position, contact your recruitment consultant or HR adviser.