Annual report

Keeping you up to date on our goals and achievements
The University publishes an annual report to fulfil our statutory requirements and update the community on our activities and progress against our strategic objectives.

The University provides our annual report by the end of April each year to the NSW Government and it is then tabled in both houses of NSW Government by the responsible minister. The University provides an electronic version of the latest annual report (pdf, 2.4MB) on our website, as well as an HTML version of selected content after it has been tabled. You can also find past reports in our archive. They are provided in PDF format.

The Annual Report is divided into three sections – a Statutory Report, Financial review and Annual Financial Statements, all prepared in line with the University's reporting requirements under NSW legislation.

HTML version

The University provides an HTML version of the Statutory Report and the Financial review. It is published as soon as possible after the Annual Report is tabled in NSW Parliament.