Annual report on sexual misconduct

Our commitment to improving transparency for victim-survivors
The University of Sydney is committed to publishing a report on sexual misconduct annually. This report forms part of our University’s pledge to improving transparency for victim-survivors. It is our hope that this will be a step towards reducing some of the barriers to reporting that they face.

Content warning: This report contains information about sexual assault and sexual harassment which you may find distressing.

What is the University doing?

The University has zero tolerance for any behaviour that is intimidating, abusive, discriminatory, disrespectful or threatening, including any instance of sexual harassment or assault. Any such behaviour within our community or on any of our campuses is unacceptable.  

Since 2017, we have undertaken significant work to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct, with continuous improvements and review of our training, policies, procedures and support services. This annual report bolsters our commitment to increased transparency and accountability for victim-survivors. It outlines disclosures and complaints made to the University and offers insight into the broad range of prevention initiatives that have been undertaken as part of the University’s Roadmap to Prevention of Sexual Misconduct. 

What is the annual report?

This Annual Report presents data regarding disclosures and complaints made to the University in 2022 and details our many and varied actions to educate and engage with our community to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct. As this is the first such report we have delivered, we will seek feedback from our community to inform future reports. 

It is important to note that this Annual Report presents data collected from 2022 only regarding disclosures and complaints made to the University.

It is encouraging to note that the action we have taken to date has led to improvements in some areas. More students are seeking support and there is greater awareness about where to obtain support and how to make a disclosure or complaint. However, many issues of great concern remain. One case is one too many. To every person who has experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment, we are deeply sorry. Every member of our community has the right to feel safe and supported and to be treated with respect and dignity, whether on campus, online or offshore. Anything less is unacceptable.

View the report

Access a copy of the report to view the full findings and initiatives completed in 2022. View the report (pdf, 2.5MB).

What are the next steps?

We know that there is more we need to do to ensure that everyone in our community feels safe and supported to report sexual misconduct to the University. We will continue to consult and report on our ongoing work in this area in future annual reports.

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