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The Parramatta River

Our vision for a Parramatta/Westmead campus

Creating a vibrant and comprehensive campus in Sydney's heart
The University of Sydney has a once-in-a-century opportunity to build a multidisciplinary education and research campus in the heart of Western Sydney.

We have been chosen by the NSW Government to develop a campus on a Parramatta River site. This multidisciplinary campus will generate knowledge and provide solutions to challenges emerging at the intersection of technology and the human experience.

The campus will build on our 40-year history at Westmead Hospital, and our 80-year history in Western Sydney, but our vision is broader than medicine and health. Education and research programs will be based on the following multidisciplinary themes:

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data are becoming increasingly integrated into our worlds; 90 percent of all existing data has been created in the last two years, and new technologies are emerging to analyse and handle this unprecedented volume and diversity of data. This situation challenges us to fully understand the implications of these technologies, to avoid bias, stratification and inequality.

Radical inequality affects our health and our security, our job prospects and our environment, our wellbeing and our prosperity. It is arguably at the core of society’s most serious and recalcitrant problems, including preventable disease, unsustainable development, and ideological violence. We all stand to benefit from addressing the problem, whether we are in business, government, science, arts, or the community.

The technologies underpinning advanced manufacturing are a major agent for technological innovation, as they change the materials we can create, the designs we can deliver, the properties we can elicit, and the way we distribute our products. This has particular relevance in the Australian context, where these technologies offer the opportunity to negate traditional disadvantages (eg, ‘tyranny of distance’, high labour costs) to generate a renaissance in Australian manufacturing.

Australia’s health system faces serious challenges to quality and financial sustainability. We have an ageing population and a growing burden of chronic disease, which lead to increasing costs and difficulties with service delivery. These challenges can only be overcome if the University, in collaboration with health providers, industry and government, explores different approaches to health and wellbeing.

Watch the Parramatta/Westmead campus proposal announcement

Why Parramatta/Westmead?

By 2050 more than 4 million people will live in Western Sydney. The NSW Government’s ambitions for Sydney to become a metropolis of three cities will mean Sydney’s second CBD in Parramatta will continue to expand.

As the population grows, and as educational attainment levels increase in these areas, we will have access to an increasing number of high-quality students.

The changing shape of Sydney

  • The centre of gravity is shifting west with 4 million people set to call Western Sydney home by 2050.
  • Between 2015 and 2020, 65 percent of new jobs in Parramatta will be in knowledge-based areas.
  • There is huge investment in economic and social infrastructure, with plans for a second airport, Parramatta light rail and Metro West underway.

Development of the campus

In the first phase of development we will make a $500 million investment to create the largest single campus in Western Sydney. We are planning to:

  • add 6100 students to the region
  • create 3100 local jobs
  • provide 1000+ affordable housing places
  • build education, social and community infrastructure
  • contribute more than $2.6 billion to the local economy.

Our modelling shows that by completion of phase 2 in 2050, we will have:

  • created 20,000 knowledge-intensive jobs
  • more than 25,000 students
  • around 2400 affordable accommodation places
  • 1000 academic and researcher roles
  • contributed $60 billion to the NSW economy
  • built a vibrant 24/7 destination with medical, sports, arts and cultural amenities, and onsite start up and industry activities.