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Liquor accord

A safe and secure environment for students and visitors
The University is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for students and visitors to socialise, including appropriate supply and sale of alcohol.

The University is a party to the principles listed in the Liquor Accord as a member of the accord. The Liquor Accord governs the sale and consumption of alcohol on our campuses.

The main objective of the Liquor Accord is to reduce alcohol-related incidents, while providing for responsible consumption of alcohol on campus.

Key principles

Under NSW law there are penalties for licensees and patrons for inappropriate behaviour, underage drinking, not leaving when asked and being intoxicated on licensed premises.

There is a legal requirement upon licensed premises to enforce Responsible Service of Alcohol.

The key principles of the Liquor Accord are that all staff, students and visitors must:

  • obey the law and conduct themselves in an orderly and appropriate manner
  • treat all staff of the venues and other patrons with respect
  • respect the University environment and facilities, particularly when arriving and departing from licensed premises
  • not arrive at premises intoxicated as you will be refused entry
  • accept refusal of service from staff
  • if asked to leave a licensed premises immediately, leave as required
  • abide by the accord provisions as displayed at the licensed premises.

Event planning

If you are planning an event that involves the supply or sale of alcohol outside of a licensed venue you must ensure you are compliant with the Liquor Accord.

For more information please email Sarah Holmes, Head of Protective Services and Emergency Management.

Principles of the Liquor Accord

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Guidelines to holding events where alcohol is served

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