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13 February 2023

Industry research to tackle oat rust

The University of Sydney will lead an industry study that aims to reduce the impact of damaging crown rust, a fungal pathogen affecting Australian oat production.
06 February 2023

Single test picks up all strains of deadly fish virus that threatens barramundi

A third variant of the deadly ISKN fish virus can now be identified in a new test developed by scientists at the University of Sydney and University of Florida.
20 January 2023

New funding for Tech Central research

Researchers developing alternative proteins and assistive technology for the blind have received investment from the NSW Government in a new round of Tech Central funding announced today.
19 August 2022

Climate threat to food supply chains creates 'domino effect'

New modelling by a multidisciplinary team of researchers shows the impact climate change and extreme weather events could have on food supply chains, with adverse effects on income, food and nutrient availability.
08 June 2022

International scholarship student leads barley rust breakthrough

An international scholarship student has found and defined the sequence of an important gene underlying leaf rust resistance in barley. The finding could have great implications in the fight against rust disease, which decreases global food production by at least 10 percent.
29 April 2022

Sydney soil scientists receive $5.6 million federal grant

Our researchers have received a $5.6 million grant for 3 projects to improve soil condition and plant productivity as part of the national Soil Science Challenge.

14 April 2022

Q fever: a public health and financial concern

University of Sydney A/Prof Katrina Bosward has partnered with the livestock industry to generate scientific knowledge to back up the need for an Australian-made vaccine against Q fever in livestock.
10 March 2022

Improved wheat to counter climate extremes

Rising temperatures threaten our ability to grow crops. Partnerships between academia and industry have created top-level research with a tangible impact.

25 February 2022

Sydney academics and alumni awarded 2022 Fulbright Scholarships

From endocrinology to soil science, academics and alumni of the University of Sydney have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships.
02 February 2022

Fantastic results and big profits for Sydney-led cotton research

The University of Sydney and the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) have teamed up and generated huge yields and a large return on investment with an innovative cotton farming research project.