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Archiving Seasons of Light: Erieta Attali on Kengo Kuma

Archiving Seasons of Light: Erieta Attali on Kengo Kuma

Profiling the relationship between light and shadow

Architectural photographer Erieta Attali exhibits a series of photographs that document two famous projects by renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma in 'Archiving Seasons of Light'.

Professor John Redmond, Dean of the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney, said: "Erieta Attali's architectural photography is considered to be the best in the world, having profiled works by many of the world's leading architects including Smiljan Radic and Toyo Ito, and Australia's John Wardle and Peter Stutchbury."

Attali began her photographic career as a landscape and archaeology photographer before turning her attention to architecture. In the last two decades she has produced an extensive series of architectural photographs that span Europe to the Americas and from Asia to Australia.

In contrast to traditional photographic representations of architecture as static objects in space, Attali's focus is on capturing the transient spaces between built environments and their surrounding landscapes. This focus is ultimately what led Attali to Kuma. Kuma comments: "Every other architecture photographer shoots the isolated object; she carefully picks out the qualities of the place. It is still an image of a house, but the protagonist is the landscape itself. That is exactly what I am intending in the design."

In 2015, the International Year of Light, the Tin Sheds Gallery profiles the relationship between light and shadow as Attali photographs Kuma's famous residential works: Glass/Wood in New Canaan (US) and the Water/Glass residence in Atami (Japan). New Canaan in Connecticut has a rich history of mid-20th century architecture, including Philip Johnson's iconic Glass House, and Kuma's Glass/Wood house is no exception. Kuma's architecture is founded on a quest for the erasure of architecture through its dissolution into its surrounding environment, best illustrated in his seminal text 'Anti-Object'.

As part of the exhibition, the Tin Sheds Gallery will screen an exclusive interview with the artist and architect by the University's Head of Architecture, Associate Professor Lee Stickells. In the interview Attali says: "The exhibition shows the life of the New Canaan house in the years after it has been built -It is an important part of storytelling."

Archiving Seasons of Light: Erieta Attali on Kengo Kuma will be officially open on Wednesday, 29 April (6pm-8pm) 2015. The opening will include an exhibition tour by the artist, Erieta Attali, exploring her most striking images.