Open Studio

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We offer a suite of masterclasses for industry professionals and lifelong learners interested in contemporary built environment and design issues.

Our programs are designed to keep you informed and at the forefront of emerging technical and research developments in architecture and design.

Developed in conjunction with industry and disciplinary experts, our masterclasses draw on content embedded in the school’s postgraduate program offering.

The latest masterclass to join our offering is Practicing on Country, which allows learners to begin a journey of unlearning and relearning to create new perspectives informed by Country, Communities and Culture. Learners will develop awareness of how Country and First Nations topics are intrinsically linked and will gain an understanding about Country and First Nations Cultural practices and how they can be applied to the built environment. 

Our masterclasses

This CPD is a learning experience dedicated to understanding, learning about, positioning and applying Country, First Nations Communities and Cultural practices in architecture and the built environment. As practitioners in the built environment, it is important to understand the way in which practicing on Country has implications for Country. This learning experience places value on First Nations Knowledges, elevating Traditional Custodians as technical experts and seeing their contributions to more enriching project outcomes.

1 formal CPD point. Learn more.

This course will give you an insight to one current philosophy of design and an attitude towards social and affordable housing, through the lens of Pritzker Prize award winners, Lacaton and Vassal.

3 formal CPD points. Learn more.

This masterclass provides an introduction to robotics for the fields of architecture and construction. Participants learn about key developments and milestones in this area and gain an understanding of what a robot is, and how they can be used in a design workflow.

3 formal CPD points. Learn more.

This masterclass will provide a holistic comprehension of the sustainable design process, as well as the knowledge and skillset to critically approach sustainability in the built environment. The module explores basic concepts through the analysis of energy certification schemes and interesting case studies.

3 formal CPD points. Learn more.

3D Printing is transforming the way projects are communicated and materialised in architecture. In this masterclass, participants will gain a better understanding of the 3D printing process, introducing all the available technologies, materials and qualities, to design considerations and possible workflows to optimise 3D printing results. This course is delivered in a blended mode and involves a face-to-face session in DMaF Lab at the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

3 formal CPD points. Learn more.