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Students at work in class as part of the Refugee Languages Program.

Community engagement

Partner with us for social good
Language programs for refugees, workshops to improve high-school literacy outcomes, and partnerships that increase social cohesion are just some of our initiatives. Join us.

What we do

We are dedicated to the advancement of social justice causes.

Beyond our formal commitments as a tertiary education provider, we understand our responsibility extends to the local communities surrounding us as well as the general public. We believe it is our obligation to share expertise for good and collaborate on initiatives that build trust, understanding and new skills for all participants.

We undertake our work in a spirit of reciprocity. Valuing the knowledge, experiences and contributions of our partners, these initiatives not only allow our students and academics to give back but to work with and learn from the community.

We strongly believe in community-based social change – projects that prioritise community issues and empower the people who live in them – and the potential to create meaningful, long-term connections off campus.

Our programs